Transformational Executive Coaching For Social influence & Recognition Announced

Being a high-achiever or business owner brings many blessings but also the curse of higher expectations, demand on time, and constant looking to reach the next level of growth, success, and fulfillment.

The newly launched packages are available in five tiers – Bronze through Platinum – and are geared toward evolving stages of an executive’s career path. Tony J. Selimi coaches executives on the secrets to achieving influence and recognition to boost their authority and help them progress quickly toward top company positions.

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Social influence is a powerful yet complex tool. Humans are hardwired to conform but want to stand out and be recognized. With his newly launched executive coaching packages, Selimi explains the psychology behind the social influence. Executives learn what authentic social influence and recognition look like, how they can achieve both, and how to build company teams motivated and inspired by their leadership.

“Many aspiring CEOs and corporate executives who have successfully climbed the ladder fail to progress further not because they lack talent or skill, but because of something much more nuanced. They lack the certainty, presence, soft people skills, and recognition and influence necessary to convince others they are the right leadership fit,” says Selimi. “My behavioral and transformational coaching packages give CEO successors and others setting their sights on top company jobs the skills they need to preside with authority, confidence, and respect.”

Making the leap from director to VP and VP to CEO of a company requires skills different from the ones that bring individuals through their management positions. Influence, recognition, and the ability to motivate others and build successful business relationships and alliances are all part of this new puzzle. CEOs and top corporate executives also require heightened self-awareness, wisdom, and maturity to succeed in positions that rarely receive performance feedback.

With over 30 years of experience, Selimi is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on human behavior, personal potential, and transformational breakthroughs. Selimi’s coaching methods blend science, psychology, neuroscience, technology, engineering, wealth building, and corporate management to help clients succeed rapidly.

With his newly launched transformational coaching packages, Selimi offers critical insights and skills building through one-on-one sessions to help ambitious corporate executives gain the confidence and clarity needed to take calculated risks and make decisions that have an impact on both themself and those around them so they can achieve the social influence and recognition their career and business paths demand.

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