Transformational 1-On-1 Coaching For Freedom & Abundance | Annual Plans Launched

Tony J. Selimi’s new annual coaching program is tailored to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals who want to get unstuck, overcome personal and professional challenges, and raise their game. It assists them in honing their knowledge and strategic thinking, growing their emotional intelligence, empowering relationships, and achieving personal excellence.

They learn to clarify and align personal, professional, and corporate values and become more energized and productive. Some benefit from knowing how to use the latest global trends, identify new growth opportunities, and service and address immediate challenges more efficiently. They develop the right skills, vision, and mindset to achieve success in any area of life. They can book regular online or in-person coaching sessions or participate in intensive life-optimizing retreats organized by Selimi in exotic locations worldwide.

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The celebrity coach’s latest program was designed for individuals who feel that a negative mindset, toxic emotions, unproductive habits, and personal problems hinder their progress.

Based on his extensive coaching experience and over 30 years of professional experience studying the psychology of excellence and achievement, Tony J. Selimi developed his unique integrated approach to coaching. He believes anyone can achieve breakthroughs in any area of life by creating a growth mindset, having a detailed life empowerment plan, having a proven winning strategy, being authentic, and having a vision beyond oneself.

In Selimi’s coaching sessions, participants will learn his trademarked methods and conscious engineering principles of human behavior that will help them uncover and break through their internal limits, see roadblocks as opportunities and create a vision for their business and personal life that will empower them for transformations. Through deep self-reflection, they will connect with their inner truth and gain the clarity to focus on what is important to them.

Tony J. Selimi’s coaching is offered in several packages. The basic Bronze Tier package includes one year of regular coaching sessions – 21 hours in total – with weekly sessions during the first three months and monthly sessions in the following nine months. Coaching can take place in London, where the transformational life coach is based, over the phone or online. Clients who want more frequent sessions can choose the Silver or Gold packages, including 42 and 104 hours.

For those who would like a VIP experience, Tony J. Selimi organizes 5-day retreats that combine intensive coaching and training with meditation, relaxation, and recreational activities. With the coach’s guidance, participants will create a life-optimizing plan for the critical areas of their life. It is for those who want to gain new perspectives through focused, personalized, authentic interaction with Tony in locations worldwide. The exchange of insight, experience, wisdom, and vision will empower them to sharpen their mind, master their emotions, build certainty and momentum, devise a clear plan of action in areas they want to grow and need help the most, and connect to their true self, learn to speak with confidence, master the art of persuasion and collaborative spirit, and work with others more effectively and behave more mindfully.

“Tony is an amazing transformational life coach, business mentor, and worlds-best healer,” said a satisfied client. “He is not only the most loving human being but also incredibly challenging, intense, sharp, and to the point. You leave his coaching sessions feeling blessed, empowered, inspired, and blissfully happy.”

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