Toronto Sexual Assault Allegation Defence Lawyer: Legal Representation Announced

William Jaksa Criminal Litigation now offers defendants expertise in handling the sensitive nature of sexual assault accusations, helping to limit any unnecessary damage to one’s reputation. The firm has represented hundreds of clients facing these types of charges and brings an intimate knowledge of the law in relation to sexual assault.

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The announcement details William Jaksa’s conscientious approach to assembling a client’s defence. From gathering evidence, preparing witnesses, and ensuring the burden of proof rests on the prosecution, Mr. Jaksa can advise defendants on all options available to them and of their rights under the law.

According to the Globe and Mail, around 8% of all sexual assault charges are dropped by police due to being unfounded. The law firm, however, warned that accusations alone can deal a negative blow to the reputation of any individual.

“Being found guilty of a sexual assault can have a profound and drastic impact on the accused. If you are being investigated by police or already have been charged, you should contact a sexual assault lawyer immediately,” the law firm’s spokesperson said.

There are a large number of charges relating to sexual assault within the Canadian Criminal Code. These include interference, exploitation, and aggravated assault. Learn more at

Mr. Jaksa recommends that defendants use their right to remain silent until they have secured the services of an experienced attorney. Even if clients intend to cooperate fully with any investigation and have nothing to hide, speaking to law enforcement officials without prior consultation with a criminal lawyer is ill-advised and can lead to individuals incriminating themselves.

William Jaksa has helped many clients resolve allegations before their case goes to trial, saving a great deal of stress and money in the process. Summary convictions for these types of offences can carry jail terms of between 6 and 18 months with indictable offences carrying a maximum of 10 years of incarceration.

The firm ensures that any evidence gathered by the police is sufficient to support the charges and can assist in gathering DNA evidence to support a client’s defence. Mr. Jaksa can help to explore and determine the nuances around the issue of consent. This includes establishing if there was a voluntary agreement to sexual activity and if there was an honest belief in consent on the part of the accused.

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