Toronto Polyurethane Cement Flooring For Industrial Applications: Service Update

With a focus leading the industry in floor refinishing service, Epoxyguys is providing clients with a heavy-duty, long-lasting alternative to traditional epoxy flooring. Unlike epoxy flooring, polyurethane cement flooring is applied using a one-part system and it cures to a hard, glossy finish.

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Polyurethane is a strong and versatile resin. Its unique combination of components makes it useful in many applications, including adhesion, insulation, and packaging. Where it is most effective, however, is in cement floor coating, which is why Epoxyguys is recommending commercial and industrial clients.

The process of applying the polyurethane coating is simple. First, Epoxyguys will clear the floor of oil, grease, and dirt. Then they fill any cracks or holes in the floor and sand them down. Once prepped, three coats of polyurethane are applied to the floor. Generally speaking, the final thickness of the coating should be anywhere from a 1/4 inch to 2 inches.

Because polyurethane coating is self-levelling, sloping, and parging, very few adjustments need to be made once the final coat has hardened. Polyurethane coatings also reach all coves, meaning that floors get wall-to-wall sealing. This prevents water, debris, and chemicals from seeping through to the subfloors and causing damage.

Because of polyurethane cement flooring’s safety, cleanliness, and durability, it can also be used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Hospitals, schools, kitchens, restaurants, garages, plants, power plants, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses often feature polyurethane cement flooring. Epoxyguys has also completed coatings for several retailers, most recently Costco and Best Buy.

“It took us many years of searching to finally find a professional and reliable flooring company and that company is Epoxyguys,” said a satisfied client. “They have a very well-trained crew and a passion for flooring. The owners actually care about the results and will provide in-depth consultations and updates throughout the job to ensure everyone is on the same page and that the results meet everyone’s expectations.”

Epoxyguys offers free consultations and estimates for any size of polyurethane cement flooring project. The team can be reached at 416-638-7100

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Epoxyguys is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving commercial, industrial and residential clients in the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years. In addition to polyurethane cement flooring, they also offer epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, line painting, traffic coating, concrete sealing and more. View their and read their 5 star Google Reviews to see why clients love working with an experienced team offering outstanding, reliable service while using only the best-in-industry material for superior floor refinishing results.

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