Toronto Nurse Defense Lawyer: Professional Regulation Representation Announced

The latest launch from William Jaksa Criminal Litigation extends the firm’s expertise in ensuring clients receive a fair hearing at work-related tribunals. The move responds to a rise in the number of such cases in Canada, with the medical profession facing increasing regulation.

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The effects of the global pandemic are still being felt among Canada’s nursing profession with an RNAO report revealing high levels of burnout, depression, and anxiety due to excessive workloads.

The firm’s latest announcement affirms its commitment to supporting the skilled professionals who staff the city’s surgeries, clinics, and hospitals. In a sector that is widely seen as understaffed and underpaid, Mr. Jaksa offers affordable rates and many years of experience in professional medical disciplinary hearings to ensure a just outcome and protect clients’ long-term career prospects.

William Jaksa provides legal advice for those who are facing charges relating to a breach of the nurse-client relationship or have been deemed to act with a lack of integrity and with disregard for ethical and professional standards. Defendants may also be under scrutiny for complaints brought by fellow staff members and facing expulsion from their position by the authority of the College of Nurses of Ontario.

In addition to representing nurses, Jaksa Criminal Litigation can also offer legal support to professions such as law enforcement, teaching, financial services, insurance, and more. The firm understands how one single complaint or incident can destroy a defendant’s livelihood and advocates for retaining the services of a qualified attorney without delay to adequately prepare their defence.

About William Jaksa Criminal Litigation

Since its inception in 2007, William Jaksa’s company has since grown to become one of Toronto’s preeminent law firms. Mr. Jaksa has represented both private and corporate clients at the Coroner’s Court, the Ontario Securities Commission, and the College of Nurses Ontario, among many other regulatory bodies.

A spokesperson says, “Licensed professionals are always held to a higher standard by the public and by their respective professional licensing bodies and regulators. If you are facing a professional regulation complaint or have a pending professional discipline matter, it is important to have an experienced lawyer by your side.”

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