Toronto Criminal Lawyer William Jaksa Launches Domestic Assault Defence Services

The firm offers experienced legal counsel and trusted advocacy from the point of an initial arrest to police interviews, pre-trial motions, and courtroom appearances. Mr. Jaksa and his team help clients understand the complexities of the law relating to domestic assault and all of the options available to them.

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The announcement underlines the scope of Mr. Jaksa’s experience across all facets of Canadian criminal law. The firm has represented hundreds of clients facing all manner of assault charges, bringing a deep knowledge of the Canadian Criminal Code and its classification of crimes and sentencing guidelines.

According to Canadian criminal law, domestic assault charges may include simple assaults – including a minor push, verbal abuse, grabbing, or gestures that apply force either directly or indirectly. The subtleties of these variations can be hard to establish, which is why Mr. Jaksa ensures that the burden of proof rests with the prosecution and that all evidence presented to the court is valid.

A conviction for domestic assault can have far-reaching consequences for defendants. Reputations can be permanently damaged and future employment opportunities may be limited as a result of a criminal record. Mr. Jaksa and his team help to manage these factors by negotiating with law enforcement and the court to have charges reduced and explore counselling, diversion orders or conditional and intermittent sentences as an alternative to jail terms. These options are particularly relevant for first-time offenders.

The firm can also explore the possibilities of early resolution for defendants. This often includes the signing of a Section 810 peace bond or common law bond which makes a permanent record of the incident on police files. Mr. Jaksa can explain to clients the nature of these disclosures and what is likely to show up on background checks in the future.

The firm also provides representation for bail hearings and any related negotiations. Domestic assault defendants are commonly subject to strict conditions for bail release. Mr. Jaksa guides defendants through all aspects of a case including how bail conditions relate to contact between the accused and their alleged victim and the implications for parental access rights. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “When establishing a defence strategy there should be a focus on gathering and preserving evidence that will show the allegations were false or will confirm that the police investigation lacked the necessary thoroughness. When retaining William Jaksa, an experienced Toronto criminal defence lawyer, with over 15 years of practicing criminal law, you are assured an excellent defence.”

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