Top IT Pro Timothy Wenhold to Release a Book on Exponential Growth

Timothy Wenhold, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) and Chief Operating Officer (C00) at Power Home Remodeling Group, the nation’s largest exterior home remodeler, has announced the release of his new book entitled “The Art Of Scale: An Uncommon Path to Exponential Growth”

The IT world is about to be blown wide open with the release of an innovative new book that will revolutionize how we think and work in this field. A prominent advocate for exponential growth within computer technology, Wenhold has spent years developing his own strategies on what makes up a successful system expert–and now he’s sharing them all through one powerful book.

“Today, we’re in a different place, the pendulum has swung decidedly back in favor of imagining and building the future, and putting the resources and talent behind it. We find ourselves at a pivotal point where the exponential proliferation of data and computing power is meeting increased social acceptance to bring the future to the present rapidly”, Wenhold said.

Timothy Wenhold has been an integral part of Power’s success since he began his journey with the company in 2007. Through his counsel and leadership, the company achieved aggressive expansion objectives, growing exponentially in the last decade. Today, Power is a leading exterior home remodeler. Wenhold’s continued dedication has been essential to the company’s success.

Understanding the need to better communicate with employees in the field, as well as provide the company a tool where it can seamlessly track marketing and sales progress, customer experience, installation processes, and post-installation payment cycles, Wenhold and his team of expert developers from around the world developed Nitro. With Nitro, they can streamline their operations and manage their data more effectively. Wenhold and his team believe that this technology will revolutionize the way home remodeling is done and help them continue to be the leading home remodeling company in the country.

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