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Top 7 Online Gaming Platforms

Business trends change with time, sometimes due to modification in the business and sometimes due to development of new technology, resulting in the end of new latest trends. We intently tune the startup surroundings from around the world and we have come from a whole world of thrilling new topics which are getting popular day by day, These are Online Gaming Marketplaces. Some games are cheap CD game key’s.

There are many online marketplaces on search engines but we will discuss some top trending marketplaces.

Mobile Premier League:

Mobile Premier League is an Indian Company Founded in 2018.

Mobile Premier League is a genuine money gaming marketplace. It permits the users to participate in the online Sports gaming tournaments through their Android devices and win real cash on the platform. Original currency gaming platform for online Sports


Online game console that uses your mobile phone as a gamepad was founded in Switzerland in 2014.

AirConsole is an internet multiplayer eSport platform that changes the browsers into a video game console and the smartphones and android into gamepads. The customers can link their smartphone to the search console and begin to play free-to-play multiplayer games. The platform gives 2 participant and 4 participant games. The marketplace has over 30+ games as of October 2016.


The Kongregate is Founded in 2006 in the United States (San Francisco)

Mobile and computing device Flash-powered app store that especially focuses on video games. Claims to attain over 6 million mobile and PC gamers, with 56000 Flash games. It is also an informal gaming social community network where users can get ranking and earn rewards. The site permits developers to publish their games and give them a share in revenues (25-50%) from the ads displayed surrounding the games. Kongregate promotes developers to onload new games by having “game of the week” competitions.


The Faceit is Founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom (London)

Faceit is a free-to-play eSports gaming platform. The platform enables the game enthusiasts to find out and show off their talents to capability sponsors and expert eSports groups. The platform additionally runs its personal eSports tournaments wherein man or woman customers and groups can check in and compete. The customers also can upload video games onto the platform to compete and win provided points.


The Skillz is Founded in 2012 in the United States (Boston)

Skillz (previously referred to as Lookout Gaming) operates an actual cash primarily based totally eSports gaming platform. The enterprise additionally presents video games withinside the App Store and Google Play store. It presents “Skillz” , which is a multiplayer coins event platform.

The platform allows cell game enthusiasts to apply their competencies to compete in opposition to their pals and opponents in multiplayer competitions in addition to win rights and actual cash via ways of gambling their preferred cell video games.


Garena is a Singapore based company founded in 2009.

Garena is a gaming platform issuer for cellular and PC gadgets that organizes and operates diverse esports gaming tournaments and permits game enthusiasts to take part in tournaments of diverse video games which includes League of Legends, FIFA Online 3, Blade & Soul, Arena of Valor, and extra thru their cellular & PC gadgets. It has additionally posted a couple of video games inclusive of League of Legend and Arena of Valor in Southeast Asia. Claims to have hosted Garena Star League, an eSports occasion in Thailand. Enables game enthusiasts to meet, chat, and play video games through its platform.


We discussed many online gaming platforms, Some are other, including best games like War Craft games and other mobile games, etc. Many computer games are online like GTA V and PUBG Mobile.