Top 5 WordPress Plugins | Must Haves

Author: This blog is written by Joep Franssen, owner of a webdesign agency and an ecommerce store selling rollator walkers.

Which plugins are useful for almost every website? We have created a shortlist that might help you out straight away. Plugins can be incredibly useful and combining some will improve the performance of your website when it comes to pagespeed and online visibility (SEO). However, in general, the more plugins you download, the slower your website will be: using too many fancy slider and other obsolete plugins might lead to worse performance in pagespeed. Therefore, we created this list with some plugins we tend to use for our clients for almost every website.

The Top Five Must Have WordPress Plugins

1. SEO Yoast

By far the most essential plugin. If you want to get more organic visitors, your website must be search engine friendly. This is only possible if you ensure each website page has the right meta information and your website has a sitemap that is frequently crawled by Google. This will speed up the indexation and overall performance of your website. Adding meta information and connecting your website with Google Search console can be easily done using the SEO Yoast plugin.

These advantages are not unseen: Yoast is the most often downloaded SEO plugin. Unfortunately, the possibilities of the free version are limited.

2. WP Fastest Cache

To reduce the loading time of your website you need to make sure you use a caching plugin. There are a lot of them so the choice is difficult. WP Fastest Cache and WP Super Cache are the easiest to set up. In my experience, WP Fastest Cache will always do the job and increase pagespeed by only having to check a few boxes.

3. Gravity Forms

Almost every website uses contact forms. For this, we use Gravity Forms because it is one of the most advanced form plugins on the market. As an example, you can connect Gravity Forms with Mailchimp as well as many other possible add-ons. Moreover, the number of field types is also very extensive here and it has a useful option to add a Google reCAPTCHA key to avoid spam.

4. Translatepress

It took a while before we discovered this hidden gem. Often, our clients want to have multiple languages for their website. However, we used to work with plugins like WPML which were a pain to work with. Now, using Translatepress, we can easily translate a website in no time. This plugin has seriously saved me weeks comparing to the WPML plugin. If you want to have more than one additional language for your website, you have to upgrade to a premium license. In most cases, I would absolutely recommend to buy that license given the amount of time this plugin will save you when translating your website.

5. WP Smush or Shortpixel

A common mistake is to use very heavy images on your. A lot of website owners just put an image of more than 3 MB’s on a page. This has a very bad impact on both the user experience and the loading time of the website.

The website will become very slow if there are heavy images and videos on a page. Moreover, people with poor internet connections or outdated mobile devices will not be able to retrieve the page at all.

How do you solve this? Right: image compression. I actually recommend most people to always compress images by using This is the best solution in my opinion. This tool often compresses images by more than 60%. If you want to have a plugin do the compression for you, then WP Smush or Shortpixel is a good pick. However, these plugins often require a premium license when compressing big images so that might be a dealbreaker..

Thank you for reading! Let us know what you think about this top 5 and feel free to add more useful plugins in the comments.