Top 5 Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency by Blue Royal Investments Expert

London, UK — Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms. It includes verified transactions and records maintenance by a decentralized system using cryptography. Cryptocurrency does not have a central issuing or regulative authority.

The use of cryptocurrency is becoming a trend as industries worldwide have started to integrate digital currencies into their functioning. And this is not limited to only one sector but all. This broad adoption of cryptocurrency has increased its value. The demand for cryptos such as BTC and ETH has increased, which has given birth to many platforms.

Moreover, many platforms have started to offer ways to receive cryptos without having to spend any of your money. According to Nina Katz, a Crypto Analyst at Blue Royal Investments, some of the ways investors can opt to earn cryptocurrency for free are listed below.

  1. Use Crypto Interest Accounts
  2. Begin Crypto Skating
  3. Take Part in an Airdrop
  4. Complete Education Courses
  5. Participate in DeFi Lending
  6. Use Crypto Faucets
  7. Help with Crypto Mining

1. Use Crypto Interest Accounts:

The crypt interest accounts offer ways for investors that help them earn interest on their cryptocurrency assets. Using crypto interest accounts is one of the best ways to earn crypto for free, as the interest rates of these accounts are very high relative to normal bank accounts. 

Let’s talk about AQRU, a leading platform in the cryptocurrency market. AQRU offers 12% interest on stablecoin deposits and 7% on Bitcoin or Ethereum deposits per year! Moreover, it allows its users to deposit cryptocurrency, with five different coins supported, and start earning interest right away.

2. Begin Crypto Skating:

Crypto skating is the next option investors can use to earn cryptos, which turns into a continual income source if done right. Skating is a process in which you lock up your cryptos to validate new blocks on specific blockchain networks, which is done on Proof-of-Skate (PoS) blockchains rather than Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains like Bitcoin, which do not provide a such feature. In return for helping the invalidation process, investors can use their existing tokens to earn free crypto as a reward. 

AQRU, mentioned earlier, is one of the best crypto skating platforms to partner with. It does not provide rewards for skating services, but it does offer a way that rewards investors similarly. These rewards add up to 12% for USDC, USDT, and DAI deposits and 7% for BTC and ETH deposits YEARLY! 

BlockFi is also a platform that offers crypto skating services following a similar structure as AQRU. It offers rewards up to 11% per year and supports over 30 different coins. This platform is ideal for beginners as it has no hidden fees.

eToro, a crypto exchange platform, is leading in the line of providing rewards and their fee system.

3. Take Part in an Airdrop:

Airdrops are the new trends in the crypto world and are one of the best ways that provide crypto earning only by participating. If investors stay updated on when airdrops take place, they can earn free crypto prizes. 

A crypto airdrop is a process in which cryptocurrencies are distributed free to the people that have been supporting a specific project from the beginning. It’s a marketing tactic that is opted to create hype around an upcoming token launch by giving out free tokens to people.

DeFi coins, one of the best and most popular, created their communities by airdropping their tokens before the official launch. Every platform has its different criteria that one has to meet to be eligible for airdrops. Mostly, the criteria revolve around the promotion of the token on social media and other platforms. 

All one needs to receive an airdrop is a crypto wallet, which allows users to store their tokens safely. There are some cases when the project doesn’t reach mainstream appeal, which leads to tokens having no material value. 

4. Complete Educational Courses:

Completing educational courses is another option investor can consider earning free crypto. This process, known as ‘Learn and Earn,’ is offered by most of the top crypto platforms. The educational process includes watching videos and completing assignments, and on completion, you get cryptos as rewards for totally free!

Coinbase, one of the top crypto exchanges on the market, offers this service, which is why the platform draws inexperienced and new investors to the exchange. This feature is called ‘Coinbase Earn’ and involves watching educational videos. One of the ‘Coinbase Earn’ services is completing specific quizzes that provide larger payouts than others. Reward coins vary depending on the task; Coinbase offers over 20 tokens.

It is to be considered that the tokens rewarded are not some major currencies and are only worth a few dollars of crypto per course.

5. Participate in DeFi Lending:

DeFi, Decentralized Finance, is an ecosystem of financial applications that were created using blockchain network technology. 

These apps do not rely on a centralized authority to perform transactions due to their decentralized nature. Many platforms allow their users to lend their crypto tokens. 

DeFi lending is a process that involves giving your cryptos to a specific protocol, which further lends it to others. In return for providing cryptos, you earn interest, which is relatively very high compared to the normal banking system. 

Investors can purchase the cryptos, which they believe have the potential to increase, and lend them to other users through the DeFi protocol. 

The investor will benefit from the value increase and get more money that generates a constant yield. The yield differs depending on the crypto involved. However, it can reach up to 10% per year in some cases.

One of the best things about DeFi lending is that the arrangements are collateralized. There is no threat of scams or cheating in this system as everything goes through intelligent contracts.


The stock exchange market is rising rapidly due to the current world political scenario, and there are many companies you can invest in the crypto industry. These five methods are some of the best options for those investors who want to get exposure to this market for free. 

Each of these methods has an additional criterion for facing certain competitive threats. So do your own due diligence before choosing any of these methods for investing, and be mentally ready for the risks that come with investing.

Disclaimer: Our content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is essential to do your own research before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances. You should take independent financial advice from a professional in connection with, or independently research and verify, any information that you find in this article and wish to rely upon, whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or otherwise.

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