Top 5 Japanese Restaurants in Dubai 2022.

Top 5 Japanese Restaurants in Dubai 2022.

Dubai , United Arab Emirates– Japan is one of the famous cuisines in Dubai. Due to the opening of some fantastic authentic Japanese food serving restaurants in Dubai, it has become one of the favorite cuisines in Dubai. Nowadays, there is tight competition between the different Japanese restaurants to offer the best services to their customers.

From excellent sushi to mouth-watering wagyu beef, brilliant yakitori to marvelous rabata, Japanese restaurants have a lot to offer their customers. To make your choice selection a lot easier, we have selected the town’s Top 5 Japanese cuisine restaurants. Here is the list.

1.TakaHisa – Best overall Japanese Restaurant in Dubai.

TakaHisa, which makes people crave more Japanese food in Dubai, delivers the best Japanese food in the UAE. It is founded by Aimi Shibuya and two other master chefs, Hisao Ueda and Takashi Namekata. Takahisa is the combination of both their names. This restaurant is considered the Best Japanese Restaurant due to its supreme service and world-class sushi and Wagyu beef. Their main motive is to serve outstanding and authentic Japanese cuisine with pure greatness in every bite. 

Takahisa is the best Japanese restaurant in dubai with world-class services to its customers. Opened in 2017, you can’t rank them below any. The two master chefs are world-class. They are known worldwide for their food. Here, every penny is worth spending.

The interior decor of this restaurant is perfectly done to ensure proper relaxation for people coming into this restaurant. Also, exterior views in this restaurant are very relaxing, and it will just take you away from all your chaotic life stress and make you forget about all your tension. Experience in this restaurant is very warm and world-class. All the staff are adequately trained and are very humble and help you in every way possible to choose the best dish according to your taste.

There are indeed many restaurants that provide authentic Japanese cuisine on their menu, and they are also impressive. But there is a difference between others and TakaHisa. TakaHisa delivers the best overall experience, which will maximize your overall dining experience. Some restaurants have good food, but they lack vibe matching, while some have excellent vibes but don’t provide that level of Japanese food. TakaHisa delivers all of this in one place. The whole team at TakaHisa believes in serving the best Japanese cuisine and provides guests with an unmatchable experience that will bring a real taste of Japan to the UAE. So, if you are ever wondering about trying out Japanese cuisine at an authentic Japanese restaurant, visit once, and you’ll also understand why this restaurant is so prevalent in Dubai and why we have placed it at the top. Trust us; you’ll not regret it later!!

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Zuma is another restaurant that provides authentic Japanese food in their restaurant. They are considered a powerhouse on the Japanese dining scene. This restaurant has a good vibe with the warmth they provide to their customer, not just food and excellent services. They are the perfect place for any occasion, whether it’s a business lunch, anniversary lunch, or family brunch. Also, the brand Zuma is a world-famous brand. Order black cod once you go there, which is out of the world. 

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It is a Tokyo-style street food restaurant located perched high on the rooftop of Andaz Dubai The Palm. Its menu consists of an extensive range of food from tempora to sushi. Here, the dishes are fresh and excellent, and they have a warm vibe. It has very well combined Japanese street food with the Dubai lifestyle. It is considered one of the best places to hang out with mates after TakaHisa. 

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4.Reif Japanese Kushiyaki 

Reif Othman opens this restaurant. He was considered the best chef among others at Zuma. So, he decided to open his restaurant known as Reif Japanese Kushiyaki. It is regarded as one of the best newcomers in the town. Since its opening in 2020, it has gained more popularity than other newcomers 2020. It is placed at Jumeriah, where they serve authentic Japanese street food with some extra twist. This makes their food one of the best in the town. Also, they have an excellent service to offer. It would be best if you tried their silky soft ramen and kushiyaki. 

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Netsu is best known for its theatre. This restaurant is by acclaimed chef Ross Shonhan of London’s Flesh and Buns. This restaurant specializes in the traditional Japanese cooking technique of Warayakiya, straw fire cooking. Here, the sushi is excellent, and they are considered one of the best authentic Japanese restaurants in the town. 

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