Top 10 skills for freelancers by Upwork in 2022

Freelancing has been on a continuous rise ever since the pandemic hit the world in 2019. According to Upwork, a popular freelance marketplace, 2021 also saw a 50% growth in the services of freelancers offering skills particularly in the programming and marketing niche.

According to this platform, here are top 10 skills which the independent talent can offer to earn handsomely in 2022, as a freelancer:

Upwork Top 10 skills in the tech industry

Upwork’s top 10 most in-demand tech skills:

The 10 most in demand tech skills according to Upwork are shared below:

Web Design

Demand for websites is always increasing. This means that a designer is needed for its visual and aesthetic sense. And so, the demand for web designers or UX UI experts continues to grow in 2022. You can add on a web hosting service to charge extra from your clients.


WordPress is a popular CMS. It is used by web developers and bloggers alike. More than 36% of sites are powered by WordPress. Freelancers having WordPress skills whether management, design or development can offer their services to a wide range of clients to grow their career in 2022.

Web Programming

Web programming may sound like an old school skill but it is still in demand. That’s because for a website, skilled programmers are needed to customize the features and functionalities according to the business niche. Also, the web maintenance work that involves upgrades etc come under the skillset of a web programmer.


Javascript, the front end web language continues to make a mark in the web industry. Different frameworks such as Node.js and Angular.js indicate the popularity of this scripting language. If you are skilled in Javascript, then now is a great time to offer it to get some new clients!


CSS and HTML are evergreen languages. That’s because they are responsible for translating the site’s graphics and layout into reality.


Php is used for customising the code of any website or to code it from scratch according to web requirements. WordPress is also based on PHP. So the knowledge of this language is very handy and helpful if you want to make it big in 20222 as a freelancer.


ShopifyAPI has recently entered the industry. It is used for creating eCommerce stores for selling products worldwide. If you are a master of Shopify API, then start making money on the side using this platform.

Graphic Design

Last but not the least, nothing is appealing unless it has a good and sound interface. This skill comes under Graphic Design. No matter what you use for creativity, if you have the talent, then you can continue to grow it in 2022 and beyond through freelance marketplaces and more.

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 skills in the marketing niche:

Upwork’s 10 most popular marketing skills:

1. Social Media Marketing

2. Lead Generation

3. Facebook

4. SEO

5. B2B Marketing

6. Instagram

7. Marketing Strategy

8. Social Media Management

9. Email Marketing

10. Marketing Research

If you already have experience in all the skills then the best way to get clients is to create a website, register a domain and web hosting. Once your website hosting is all set, you would be able to market it properly for getting good traffic and sales conversion.

If you don’t have any of the above mentioned skills but want to work on a side hustle then there are many elearning platforms such as Lynda, Udemy, Treehouse etc where you can learn all these skills at an affordable price. So pick your skill, practice it and start offering it to your clients in order to make money in 2022! Take a cue of hint from the Upwork list and become financially independent working as an independent worker! Good Luck!