Tony Maree Torrey releases “Your Million Dollar Accelerator” for Finance Pros

This brief but powerful book is a must-have resource for any Financial Professional (Financial Advisor, Insurance Producer, or CPA) who is looking to understand how they can set themselves apart from the competition and become a trusted authority to their prospective clients.

The book “YOUR MILLION DOLLAR ACCELERATOR” addresses the critical issues affecting Financial Professionals – from struggling to attract high-net-worth clients and getting stuck in marketing fads with little to no ROI, to being viewed as just another commodity.

Many of the business-building strategies that worked in the past are not as effective now. This book gives up-to-the-minute information on how financial professionals can set themselves up as a trusted authority, pre-persuade prospects on their expertise before they ever even speak to them, and set their clients up to willingly and actively send them more and better referrals.

Too many finance professionals never have the kind of impact that they deserve. This book teaches how to break through the plateau that leaves finance practices coasting but not accelerating.

According to Torrey, “The book covers a clear roadmap that leverages the synergy of 3 core business-building pillars. Each pillar includes 2 proven strategies. These are the same strategies I’ve been using with my high-level 1:1 clients to accelerate their business growth.”

This topic is so hot that “Your Million Dollar Accelerator” immediately became the number 1 new release in the Financial Services category on Amazon!

The book is available in paperback, audiobook, flipbook, and PDF versions to enable readers to utilize their preferred reading format. It can be found at


Over the last twenty years, Tony Maree Torrey has trained and mentored a select group of Financial Professionals, taking them from Stability to Success and Scale. She shares the very best of what is working for them, so you too can accelerate your business growth AND free up your time.

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