Timonium Medical Malpractice Law Firm, Cancer Misdiagnosis Representation Launch

The experienced Timonium medical malpractice attorneys are now working specifically with the victims of a cancer misdiagnosis case; whether they have cancer and were told otherwise, or whether they don’t have cancer and instead have another illness, and were given a wrong diagnosis. Maryland Injury Guys Timonium understands that in both cases a person’s life, health and future can be affected, and therefore they believe that the victims of a cancer misdiagnosis deserve compensation.

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The launch of their cancer misdiagnosis service coincides with the latest figures on the problem in the US. As a recent article in the National Library of Medicine explained, missed cancer diagnoses represent 46% of primary care diagnostic errors, and the majority or 76% of these result from errors in clinical judgment.

Maryland Injury Guys Timonium is not surprised by these statistics, nor the fact that, according to the study in the National Library of Medicine, that 85% of these errors led to high-severity patient harm.

The attorneys appreciate that diagnosing cancer is difficult and they understand victims may not want to take action against their primary care physician. However, physicians are covered by large insurers who have funds available to support the victims of medical malpractice cases.

The lawyers have seen firsthand how far-reaching the medical and financial ramifications of a cancer misdiagnosis can be, and although, money can never compensate for a loss of wellbeing or life, they believe it can help victims to access better treatment for their condition and to support their loved ones.

As a victim-focused law firm, Maryland Injury Guys Timonium offers all of its clients no-win, no-fee contingency representation. They also have a 24/7 hotline for victims who need advice about how to commence their legal case.

A spokesperson for the law firm said, “We put our trust in medical professionals to employ their expertise and passion to nurture us back to health. In most cases, this is exactly the kind of treatment we receive when we visit a local hospital, clinic, or other health centers. However, when doctors and medical staff members make mistakes, they often result in severe injuries to victimized patients. In the worst-case scenarios, even death can result. The Maryland Injury Guys legal team is here to fight for victims’ rights when the unimaginable becomes reality.”

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