Tiger Safety Rentals Offers High-Quality Separators for Oil and Gas Industry

Broussard, LA: The rising demand for gas and oil has created a need for efficiency in mining. Tiger Safety Rentals is an industrial equipment supplier offering separators to mining companies — assisting them in extracting gas and oil more efficiently. As the name suggests, the machines divide the mined substances into constituents, namely liquid, gas, water, and solid components. While the device was first used to separate milk fat from other dairy products in the late 1890s, it has simplified oil and gas harvesting over the years.

Tiger Safety Rentals offers separators with different certifications, features, dimensions, and pressure ratings. Some of the options available at Tiger Safety Rentals are horizontal separators. With bridging-edge features such as a height range of 16 ft to 120 ft, collection systems, tray packs, and surge drums, they are ideal for companies producing high liquid capacity per day. Also, units such as 108″ X 36â?² 100 PSI horizontal separators and 36″ X 15â?² 1440 PSI Horizontal Separator (3-PHASE) are highly versatile, and mining companies can use them on many sites.

In addition, Tiger Safety Rentals offers vertical separators. While they need a sheer amount of space to handle gas and liquid, their ability to utilize gravity makes them ideal for most productions. If a mining company is interested in a separator with a compact design and is on a budget, it can opt for a spherical unit. Although the machine is not popular among big-time refineries due to the low gas-to-oil ratio, it is ideal for small operators looking for uncontaminated productions.

The company has two-phase, three-phase, and four-phase production separators. Each unit has a unique design and features based on the intended use. For instance, a four-phase separator follows a strict operating protocol to separate gas, oil, water, and solid. Besides, it is equipped with standard features such as inlet deflectors, mist extractors, and weir plates.

In addition, the company provides well-test separators, also known as “well checkers” or “well testers.” They help determine measurements, diagnose problems, manage reserves, and evaluate performances. Besides, the company is home to oil and gas experts that help miners select the best rental equipment based on their project needs.

The company also rents out other safety equipment. Some available units include cameras and communication, confined space and rescue, lighting, safety trailers, shipping containers, and rotating equipment. Like in the case of separators, the team of experts helps the mining companies in decision-making. Others interested in buying used production equipment instead of renting can check the supplier’s ever-expanding inventory of machines, parts, and line heaters.

Tiger Safety Rentals is located at 1125 Petroleum Pkwy, Broussard, LA,70518, US. Clients interested in high-quality separators at an affordable price can contact the company at (888) 365-5220. Visit the website for more information.

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