Three ways 3D printing can transform our lives

There are fewer and fewer people nowadays that haven’t heard of 3D printing. It is becoming increasingly popular each year and rightfully so. 3D printing has lots of benefits that can help us form and reform the future. But how can this technology affect our tomorrow? And most importantly, how can it affect each one of us? Do you need an expensive device, or will even a cheap 3D printer work? To answer all of these questions, let’s list the 3 most important ways 3D printing can transform our lives. 

  1. Imagination boost. If you have never used a 3D printer before, this is what you should know: there are ready designs you can download off the internet, you can use the printer, without doing the design yourself. But designing on your own is admittedly the most fun and exciting way to learn about 3D printing, isn’t it? When you can print your own imagination afterward! It’s an equally beneficial way to learn for both children and adults and you can have fun together learning, boosting your imagination, and designing future prints. That’s a powerful kick to the brain to start working and producing ideas. It doesn’t need to be a “flying dragon with a spear through its wing” on your first try. It can be something simple, like a basic shape, and printed on a basic, cheap 3D printer.
    The brain is a muscle. When it’s trained to stretch the imagination, you’d be surprised by what it can come up with. 
  2. Customized manufacturing. Admit it. We’ve all had instances when we needed a small replaceable plastic car part, or we broke the cover from the remote-control battery pocket and we replaced all that with duct tape, knowing perfectly well that that’s not the way to go.  If you know the pain, you might want to try 3D printing. You can print customized details. You can design them yourself, or get ready ones off the internet. Missing a cover from your radiator tank? Or maybe you want to replace your phone holder with something a bit more exciting? Even if you want to help your kid to make a cool present for mother’s day! Greenlight all that endeavors with a simple 3D printer. If you need to print a small detail with a high level of precision, or some fancy material, you will need a more professional 3D printer, but for every-day projects, even a simple device will suffice. 
  3. Bonding tool. One more important thing about 3D printers: they’re incredibly cool. Printing can help you bond with your children, who will surely appreciate an afternoon of 3D printing their favorite cartoon character, or an action figure. So many of us don’t get enough quality time with our kids. We are busy, as are they. But this is an activity that will be beneficial for you both and help you not only bond but create something together. That moments are immeasurably valuable and they can teach us how to reconnect with our children. 

3D printing is a powerful way to learn and develop. It is a big step not only for technology and the way we see the market and mass-manufacturing. It can benefit each one of us individually, if we learn how to use this tool properly, and make the best of it. 

Never stop developing new skills and teach your children the same. This way we can be sure they will make the best of their potential. 3D printing is just another step in the right direction towards the future.