THORWallet DEX Wins the Startup WorldCup Dubai

April 12, 2022 – THORWallet DEX distinguishes itself as the only non-custodial wallet that allows the exchange of native crypto-assets across chains as well as the generating of passive income from these exchanges. Their goal is to enable people in the most straightforward way possible to participate in the DeFi world, directly from their cell phones or other devices.

March – a prolific month for THORWallet DEX

During the month of March, THORWallet DEX has achieved a series of remarkable achievements, which will be explored further.

On 24-23 March, CEO Marcel Harmann was a central speaker at the World Blockchain Summit Dubai, alongside notable figures such as Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center. WBS is a worldwide series of elite events held in over 16 countries, reuniting the industry’s most influential stakeholders – investors, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, exchanges, enterprises, government representatives, and technology leaders.

For the first time, THORWallet DEX and its aim of democratizing DeFi were presented to a large audience at Startup WorldCup Dubai, pitching against 14 other word-class startups. The judges voted uniformly to elect THORWallet DEX as the grand winner since they were persuaded by their product and market traction. Currently, the team is exploring a growth round with a variety of venture capitalists.

Overall, the drive for being a trailblazer and innovator of THORWallet DEX is condensed by Marcel Harmann’s approach to the competition: “I asked @tresconwbs if I can pitch first and they looked at me saying normally the requests do NOT go first. I answered that @THORWalletDEX is kinda special.”

Comprehending the Purpose of THORWallet DEX

THORWallet DEX is a non-custodial mobile wallet that offers much more than the wallets you’ve been using so far. THORWallet DEX integrates all the functionalities that THORChain offers, allowing its users to swap native coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum fully decentralized, earn passive income by providing liquidity, tap into borrowing/lending facilities or trade THORChain-based synthetics that can even be locked in a cross-chain savings account, all directly from out of the wallet.

The underlying tenet of THORWallet DEX is that gamification and community significantly increase the overall adoption and retention rates in the DeFi realm. Simultaneously, they ensure that DeFi or crypto newcomers maintain control of their funds via gamified assignments. Eventually, users will get an understanding of DeFi’s mechanics to make informed financial judgments. For this pursuit, they incentivise and educate users on appropriate application behavior through our $TGT Token, which significantly increases user adoption and retention.

Via THORWallet DEX, users might exchange currencies directly across multiple native blockchains without the interference of a middleman or wrapping assets. Furthermore, users might earn interest by supplying liquidity or by investing in a multi-chain savings account.

The download and use figures for THORWallet DEX have been steadily increasing week after week. As of the end of March, the total number of downloads reached close to 20,000.

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