Things you should know about Customizable Shower Screens for the Housing Industry in Australia

The most famous Australian company of frameless shower screens introduces customizable shower screens for the housing industry. According to the company, these customizable Shower Screens Newcastle play a major role in changing the complete look of the house. The aesthetic appeal and high level of functionality of these customized shower screens make them the number one choice of many Australian people. Installing the frameless shower screens is one of the best investments that you can make in the house of Australia because they can greatly contribute to changing the entire look of your bathroom as well as giving you the ease of access and increasing the market value of your house in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Your choice of glass style will define the overall look and feel of shower screens for your bathroom. A desire for a free-flowing ambiance is why most Australian people may choose to customize a shower screen instead of a full enclosure or curtain. In this short guide, we share some of the most important things that you must know about customizable shower screens for your house in Australia.

Customize Your Shower Screen According To The Size Of Your Bathroom:

Shower curtains are available in limited sizes, and you can’t customize them according to the size of your bathroom. On the other hand, customized shower screens allow you to adjust according to your bathroom size. For instance, if your bathroom’s size is small you can install customized shower screens in the corner of your bathroom and cover that place to take a shower enclosure. You also have an option to make some irregular shapers enclosure with these shower screens, which will enhance the look of your bathroom.


The frameless Shower Screens available in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, are treated with tempering and heat treatment and are more durable than normal glass. Furthermore, these shower screens are scratch-proof and shatter-resistant, making them ideal for most Australians. While if you install these shower screens normally, you can use them for a very long period or even many years. Apart from that, they come with a long-term warranty, and the contractor will offer you an additional warranty on their hardware, frame, and handle. This great feature will help you claim a free service if anything is wrong within the warranty period.

Create an Organic Flow in Your Bathroom:

Shower curtains show your small bathroom look smaller than its actual size. On the flip side, Shower Screens Newcastle is transparent and can create an organic flow in your bathroom, and if your bathroom is small in size, it appears larger. Moreover, you can also place a few lights inside the shower enclosure, which will help to make your bathroom brighter.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance:

The glass is a smooth surface, and it is generally easy to clean and needs low maintenance. So, you don’t need to spend a huge maintenance cost and your precious time on these screens. Just cotton can help remove the water spots and residue from these Shower Screens, Newcastle. Moreover, you have to install a shower screen designed with a corrosion-resistant frame and hardware. Else, you can easily install customizable shower screens in your bathroom, and it needs low maintenance.

Cost Range:

The price range of customizable shower screens varies depending on the size, type of glass, and whether you choose a custom enclosure. Apart from the high durability and modern designs of these Shower Screens in Newcastle, many reputable Australian retailers still sell them at very affordable rates. Therefore, most home building companies in Australia prefer to install customized shower screens over the frame and semi-frame shower screens.

Different Types Of Customize Shower Screens Available In Newcastle, NSW, Australia:

There are many types of shower screens available in the Australian market. It will give you the advantage of finding the best one that fits your allocated shower space or your bathroom design. The most common customized Shower screen Newcastle types include frameless customized shower screens, fully framed shower screens, semi-frame shower screens and single panel shower screens. Each customized shower screen has different styles and configurations like corner entry showers, sliding doors, pivot doors, quadrant entry, and bi-fold doors.

How to Choose the Perfect Shower Screen for Your Bathroom?

No doubt about it, a customized shower screen is an easiest and safest way to get the perfect look. Therefore, most people in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, choose to install customized shower screens instead of other materials. The reason to choose these shower screens is that they are light in weight and last for a very long time. However, there are many considerations when choosing the best Shower Screens Newcastle for your bathroom. One of the major considerations is your budget because they are available in different sizes, designs, and prices. Moreover, the size of your bathroom is also important to measure before choosing the shower screen. You can hire professionals to measure your shower space and customize your shower screens accordingly.