Theprinceofnc – Meet the Rising Artist From Raleigh, North Carolina

Introducing Raleigh’s own Theprinceofnc, also known as Realprinceofnc, making a stamp in the rap game by providing versatile styles in this era of music. Theprinceofnc has well surpassed over one million streams on Pandora alone and an additional one million streams on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Songwriter and director, Theprinceofnc creates all of his music independently and even directs all of his music videos. Tracks such as “Keep Going” and “Intro”, with videos like “Step Harder” are unmatched. Often compared to a “hood” version of Drake, there are quite a few similarities in sounds from these two artist. Moving all around North Carolina, Theprinceofnc has proven to be able to adapt to different environments and is more than ready to take over the music industry.

How was it like growing up in North Carolina?

“Well, when I lived in Charlotte was probably the best time of my childhood because everyone knows, Charlotte is a city that never sleeps so it is always something to do. But I was a bad little jitt, I would always run away and stay out late all night following behind all of my friends. I got into an car wreck with my moms while I was in the 7th grade and was forced to live with my great grandma in Chapel Hill for a year due to my mom breaking both of her ankles. But Chapel Hill is where I was born, Chapel Hill will always be my home. I used to always bump heads with my moms but she just always wanted what was best for me. Also, nobody in North Carolina want’s to support one another. Honestly we all can win and eat together, but people here think weird and different.”

Who were your biggest influences coming up?

“Some of my biggest influencers growing up range from Lil Wayne to Meek Mill, Biggie Smalls and Drake. If you really know me, you would know I was a huge fan of Meek Mill. Back when MP3 players and iPods were in style, I literally had every Meek Mill song and knew his lyrics word for word. Another artist I loved to listen to was Biggie Smalls because his punchlines and rhymes were like no other. I knew I was a fan of Biggie Smalls when he released Ready To Die and it featured one of my favorite songs Warning. In my opinion, you have talent if you have the ability to actually rap and tell a story at the same time, I thought that was pretty dope.”

How did the song “?” come about?

“Honestly, I was sitting at my cousin house with a few friends getting ready to go to the studio and I played the beat on a speaker scrolling through my iCloud files. The beat caught the attention of everyone and Chappofrm919 started humming melodies and he started rapping the hook and we realized it was hard. Before you knew it, me and Zeusdamenance started free styling to the beat and we created the song in about 10 minutes top. We spoke about all of our experiences being a side dude but can also be viewed in the role of a female because females willingly go through the same thing. I open up the song by saying shhh, girl don’t say too much, you my sneaky link we link and smashing off a perk. In other words, we were having high sex but nobody is allowed to know because I was only the side guy. You really can’t trust nobody out here.”

What can we expect from you going forward in your career?

My team and I are currently planning on dropping more music and doing more shows. We want to shoot at least 15 music videos this year with the hopes of obtaining at least 500 thousand on each video. I really want to push Intro and Keep Going all year because It really only takes one song for your career to seriously take off and either one of those songs in my opinion, has the greatest potential out of my catalog. My videographer @Redwrldd really brought my visions to life in both of those videos and you can expect more out of me and her this year.