The Wolf of Wholesaling set to launch & RE Wholesaling Academy

Newark, NJ — Bruce Alston left a career on Wall Street, a year before 9/11.Many friends and family thought he was crazy to leave his dream job.

Frustrated with the hustle and bustle of NYC, he launched his own Private Real Estate Acquisition firm.

By mastering the art of Network, he built a track record in real estate investing circles, as trusted source for Investors searching for below market and distressed real estate properties.

” Back in 2000, there were very few companies, wholesaling properties in Urban areas, I sensed there was niche market which I could make profitable” stated Alston recently on Investing Podcast.

A pragmatic approach to business has guided his firm through tumultuous times, and certified Wall Street West RE & Alston Partners LLC as premier Transactional Investing firms.

Both Investing entities are set to be acquired by North Carolina based Granville Family Fund LLC. Both firms were founded by Alston.

Throughout the years Mr. Alston has earned the social media brand names of “The Next-Door Mogul & The Wolf of Wholesaling.”

The serial entrepreneur is now set to launch this summer two new business ventures.

Venture #1  Private lending Broker platform which will allow individuals and real estate investors, to apply for private real estate funding with Private Lenders: Lending One, Lima Capital, Arkad Capital, Alpha Funding and several more lenders.

Venture #2 

RE Wholesaling Daily Academy, real estate investing Academy, dedicated to teaching The Art of Wholesaling to Aspiring Real Estate Investors.

Stay tuned The Wolf of Wholesaling is certainly rising and on the Move.

Media Contact:

Owner (individual): D. Rudolph
Company: RE Wholesaling Daily