The Whole Guide on Mobile Session Recording in 2022

Florida, USA — There is a big difference between making an app and using it. When you make an app, you are the pro.

You know how everything works. You don’t understand why people can’t find the things they need. By being able to record mobile app sessions, you can learn about the users’ thoughts, problems, concerns, and other issues.

What does it mean to record a mobile session?

When you hear the phrase “mobile session recording,” you’re talking about video sessions that record what the user does. It’s a type of in-app analytics that lets you keep track of how your app is used and figure out how to improve it.

Every press, scroll, interaction with the app, user input, and screen output is included.

By doing this, you can better understand and improve user expectations, patterns of behavior, and problems, which will increase conversion rates in the long run. With Session Recording, you can look at both individual user sessions and data from user groups as a whole.

Using a mobile app, you can play back and evaluate important sessions in real-time.

User screen recording from Creabl is very good at both recording and playing back.

You probably already use it to record sessions on your website, so if you know the pros, you might be interested in finding out why this app is better for mobile apps. If not, keep reading to find out more.

Why is recording mobile sessions so important?

Mobile session recording has become a very important tool for analyzing both mobile and online apps. Of course, heatmaps and key performance indicators (KPIs) are useful, but nothing beats “observing” how users act to really understand how they act.

App session replay can look at many parts of your app, such as:

  • The app is no longer running. The session recording shows what happened in the last few minutes before the disaster. This could help you find out where the problem began.
  • A mobile analytic tool can be used to record patterns of frustration. The analysis of the recording shows how the user acted and what made him or her angry.
  • Not only do session recordings record what your users do, but they also record where they leave your app. Did people miss an important button or link? How well did the navigation work? These ideas help to cut down on bounces.
  • The user experience of the shopping cart and buying process could be improved. Users can use session recording to see if they finish the checkout process, how fast they do it, and if there are any misunderstandings, like hidden buttons.
  • Sessions can be recorded so that user research can be done to see if users act the way it was thought they would.

What should you look for in a mobile session recording?

When you first start watching App Session Recordings, it’s usually best to start with just a couple. You’ll see quickly where there are problems that need to be fixed.

There are many tools that will show you bad sessions and trends. Still, if you want to get the most out of the sessions, it helps to know where to put your efforts.

  • How do you help people find their way around your app? Is it true that he used it to find the right part?
  • Are there any repeating ways that people get upset? Is the person tapping around annoyed? What causes this kind of behavior?
  • Is there anything that doesn’t move that you can click on? This could make a user angry.
  • How long does something take to do? Who knows why it’s taking so long? Are there any parts or habits that you could improve?
  • Where and why do people stop using your app? Have they started to follow Christ? If not, why?
  • Is there any proof that there was a crash? Why do they show up in those places? How can you improve them?
  • Is the app different on different phones in terms of how it looks and how it works?
  • Does something seem to be missing?

The Pros of Recording Sessions 

Session recording is a good way to do analytics, but because it has some flaws, it’s best to use it with other methods.

  1. It shows how each user uses the software in their own way.
  2. Think about where people have gotten stuck or even given up on the software.
  3. Helps make things easier to use.
  4. Allows sessions to be played back in real-time, so you can see, for example, how long it takes for the app to wait and load.
  5. Helps you learn more about how customers feel.
  6. Lowers the bounce rate by letting you look at new pages and features as if you were a real user.

Conclusion :

The world of data-driven analytics is lacking more and more insight and empathy, which can be gained from analyzing sessions.

It’s also a great way to find out about deeper usability problems and come up with new ideas. Use Creable’s website track user activity to optimize your business today.

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