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The Webshot File Extension: How to Handle One

Going through many word documents and file extensions is sometimes confusing, especially when you know it is time-consuming to know everything one by one. The files sometimes go in bulk, or at some bits, there are new file extensions that you are not quite familiar with. One example is a wbz file type that surely will make you ask what it is or does it matter with the word documents you are comfortable using. If you happen to encounter one, there are ways to how to open wbz files that will solve your long time searching the web to handle one. 

How to Open WBZ files

WBZ files are generally linked with Twofold Photos, Inc.’s WebShots. These files are viewed and converted using XnView. Graphics Converter Pro and will acquire this expansion as well.

Because wbz Images are a patented technology file format created by a business, Twofold Photos, Inc., you should use only the required software to edit and save them. Many programs can open various documents, and there are a few simple ways to figure out which one to use. However, if you know how to open wbz files, you can make this type of file much more accessible.

Getting a version of the XnViewMP application is the first step. You must use this program to open the file. Threefold Photos Webshots Desktop Connect and XnViewMP are two other programs that can open this file. Similar programs include Threefold Photos Webshots Desktop Connect, Ultimate Webshots Converter, fCoder Group Image Converter Plus, and XnViewMP.

The second step requires locating the file you previously downloaded. If you can’t remember where you obtained the file, it’s most likely in your /download/ directory.

Right-clicking on your document and selecting “Open with” is the final step. After you’ve completed the fourth step and chosen “Open with,” the XnViewMP program you previously downloaded should appear. Press the “OK” button after selecting the software. That’s all; your file has now been successfully opened in Windows.

The exact process is also applicable in using LINUX and MAC operating systems. However, if you find it challenging to download such applications, you can still resort to one of the most effective ways to open the file. You can utilize what we call a universal file reader readily available on the internet.

Using a universal viewer to open a WBZ file is the best solution. Depending on the file format, these online viewers can open a variety of different sorts of files. However, due to their design, some files may not be compatible with these programs. If the WBZ file is incompatible with the software, it will only load in binary format.


To avoid several failures and even downloading extra files that will hold back your desktop. Make sure you’re downloading the correct files. If you received the appropriate one, there’s no chance you won’t be able to open the wbz file using the above-mentioned simple methods. You need to be keen on assessing if you need to use this type of file extension so that you can save time for yourself. Nevertheless, even if you will not, additional knowledge is also suitable for you.