The Watchmaker’s Daughter Offers A Custom Crafted Yellow Gold Moonstone Necklace

The Watchmaker’s Daughter today reflected on its release of a custom crafted Yellow Gold Moonstone Necklace one year ago, which was in development for nearly six months as part of a line of custom-made jewelry. The main aim of the line of jewelry was always to be handmade with love in York, PA using precious metals such as yellow gold and sterling silver. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Fabricated by manipulating metal, texturing, and soldering components, no casting is done on any of the pieces. The moonstone piece is part of a collection getting back to the roots of alchemy and the process of melting gold and manipulating it into organic forms and setting stones into molten metal…. and by defying convention, this custom gemstone gold necklace did so, with a difference.

Karen Staub, owner, jeweler, and artist at The Watchmaker’s Daughter, says: “We wanted to try something new with the Yellow Gold Moonstone Necklace. Anyone familiar with the custom artistic jewelry and gemstone market will probably have noticed how everyone else always seemed to lack uniquely crafted and curated jewelry and rely on mass-produced items of lower quality. We felt this was a problem because people want jewelry with a personality and a story behind it, not something out of a catalog. They want something special.”

Karen Staub also said, “We want to give our customers something truly original in a timeless style and of the utmost quality. With our Yellow Gold Moonstone Necklace, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel they have something truly part of themselves when wearing our Yellow Gold Moonstone Necklace. Creating something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking.”

The Watchmaker’s Daughter has been in business for decades, being established in 1945. Since Day 1, it has always aimed to bring curated, estate-sale jewelry and custom-crafted jewelry to the world.

This isn’t the first time The Watchmaker’s Daughter has defied convention either. In 2022 they found huge success and gained attention when they started offering jewelry pop-up shops around the community bringing to market a line of permanent bond bracelets with curated charms for customization to the wearer’s taste of style.

The entire line of custom-crafted jewelry is available at the jewelry store in downtown York, PA, or the online store. To find out more about the online showcase, visit

Further information about The Watchmaker’s Daughter can be discovered at

The Watchmaker’s Daughter
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