The True Proprietary Marketing Strategy To Increase the Profit Margins of E-commerce Brands On Auto-Pilot

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kolkata, West bengal Feb 4, 2023 ( – Adcents, a strategic digital marketing agency, is taking the industry by storm with its unique inbound marketing strategy called the Reverse Partners. The company mentions that it can increase the profit margins of its partner e-commerce brands even when the product’s price is the same.

The CEO, Ron Iniad, who started his journey in offline sales to later work for reputed marketing agencies, coined this strategy from his experience in both online and offline spheres. The ingenious inbound marketing strategy is also said to increase offline points of sales (POS) by leveraging social media advertising, the sole service offering of the Adcents.

E-commerce companies looking to use Reverse Partners by signing up with Adcents might have to wait a little longer, as the digital marketing agency only proposes it to their existing clients, who have signed up for their social media services. So there’s a ladder to climb in Adcents, starting with a free press release followed by social media advertisement. Even so, the social media marketing agency seems to follow a rigorous financial target-setting process while delivering social media services to its clients. While the pricing might seem to be on the higher spectrum, Adcents have a reputation for working with businesses of every size and budget.

“Our main profitability lies in the ROAs deals with e-commerce brands. The retainer is just a break-even to accommodate new clients into our existing ecosystem. We are always ready to bend our ways for e-commerce brands with great products and demand” – Ron.

The company believes that e-commerce brands should also focus on creating several offline points of sales (POS) in their industry, to future-proof their businesses from unforeseen social media uncertainties. They have constantly highlighted the fall of MySpace, the 12-hour Facebook blackout in October 2022, and turbulent changes in the tracking capabilities, with many more to follow. Identifying the gap, the social media marketing agency has introduced the proprietory inbound marketing strategy to leverage the “blue ocean“, as described by their founder and CEO.

Those who want to try their luck with the reverse partners must be an advertising client of Adcents and have a return on advertisement (ROA) contract with them. While some might consider it good news, there’s a catch!

From what has been witnessed, Adcents only provides retainer-based contracts to e-commerce brands. Commissions and ROAs-based deals are included somewhere down the line when certain revenue targets are fulfilled. In other words, you must partner up with Adcents on a retainer-based contract and upgrade to ROAs-based deals before finally receiving the long-awaited proposal of their proprietary strategy. Nevertheless, sticking to the monthly financial targets is also very lucrative for many e-commerce brand owners, with or without the hybrid strategy.

What’s more?

The company has repeatedly reiterated that they overlook a month’s retainer if they fail to reach the sales targets.

Adcents claim that Reverse partners require multiple sales funnels and ad account management, significantly increasing the subsequent service fees. Hence the ROA-based e-commerce partners are the ones who can taste a slice of the pie. According to Ron, the company is highly selective when choosing e-commerce brands, which can later enjoy the perks of its strategy.

In Reverse Partners, we must manage several accounts simultaneously and create several sales funnels. It is less rewarding from a financial standpoint for Adcents, but the vision drives the team!” – Ron.

As previously cited by the founder, Adcents is looking to enter the top 1% spot in the digital marketing space, and striding forward with examples and impacts can pave the company’s way to the future they have foreseen.

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