The travel market: Approaching it with a unique game plan

Travel is an industry that has been always since forever. Of course, business models around the concept of travel and tourism emerged over time as society progressed and globalization took over. As travel agents started offering tour packages to prospective travellers, there have been online portals emerging in the industry for said travel agents. In the list of such online travel portals, a leading name garnering a lot of hype is TrueHAB.

TrueHAB’s business model: Less is more

TrueHAB has a business model inspired from the likes of Expedia and Airbnb, yet unique in its own innovative way. Deriving concepts from a number of online travel portals, and infusing a strategy targeted at the ongoing travel industry, business experts say that TrueHAB is set to hit the scene. TrueHAB’s potential to make it bigger than some of the biggest names in the travel industry is rooted in its unique and highly specified business model.

What TrueHAB is to the general traveller

As a prominent name already amongst travellers looking for tour packages, the website garners a huge amount of traffic on a regular basis. With a wide variety of information such as travel blogs, travel stories and trip planners available on TrueHAB, travellers are even able to pick the ideal destination for their next holiday.

Once they do that, travellers have the option of browsing through a number of tour packages for their selected destination. They will be able to go through a number of itineraries under different tour packages, then further get these tour packages customized to suit their specific trip preferences. These customized tour packages are provided by TrueHAB’s verified travel partners, which might be a number of emerging or established travel agencies working across a number of tourist destinations.

The role of verified travel partners in this business model

Unlike many other online travel portals, TrueHAB does not offer its own tour packages. Instead, it is TrueHAB’s verified travel partners that make these tour packages available to the travellers. This not only makes the whole process of travel convenient from end to end, but also also offers a number of additional benefits:

  • TrueHAB itself does not need to work on framing the tour packages. This saves on resources and energy on their part, by pretty much automating the task for them.
  • Since travel agents are always on the lookout for building a wider customer base, they offer tour packages at some of the most competitive prices in the market. This is going to be highly beneficial for prospective travellers.
  • TrueHAB’s verified travel partners are able to follow up on the travellers approaching TrueHAB’s website directly on a one on one basis, with no middle agents involved anymore. This transparency in the process is highly appreciated by travel agents.
  • Direct coordination between the travel agents and the travellers makes it possible for the travel packages to be customized as per any needs or preferences for the trip. The travel agent can fix up arrangements with the hotels or other services it has tie-ups with, to offer the traveller exactly what they want. Therefore, there is no expenditure going into something that’s not needed.

TrueHAB’s emerging success in the market

TrueHAB has been in the market for not too long, yet it has set a firm footing in the travel industry already. As a trending name amongst more and more travellers, everyone ranging from solo backpackers to honeymooners and families is stumbling onto TrueHAB. Whether this happens through a simple google search or through social media, travellers cannot help but be impressed by the range of features they are able to avail through TrueHAB.

As its popularity continues to grow amongst travellers, TrueHAB’s network of verified travel partners is expanding as well. More and more travel agencies are wishing to tie up with TrueHAB, under the service plans it offers to travel agents. By doing so, these travel agents get the opportunity to establish their presence on one of the best online travel portals in India. TrueHAB also provides them with a website built off of generator tools, and helps them with branding and promotion on social media.

All of these facilities provided to travel agents under TrueHAB’s service plans are working towards reviving the travel industry after it took the major blow from COVID-19. Travel is back in business, and people now wish to explore more than they have ever wanted to, after having stayed in for too long. With the travel industry set sailing now, TrueHAB’s business model promises to be the next booming thing in the market.