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The Tokenomics Behind JIA Tokens

Jesus Is Alive tokens will soon go live, and many people want to know whether they should or shouldn’t invest in this currency. Honestly, no cryptocurrency provides you a 100% guarantee of high returns. The ROI depends on the market conditions and the demand-supply margin of the respective currency. But JIA has a unique strategy that assures investors of a stable return in the long term. 

JIA allows you to earn free tokens by staking the tokens you hold. You may earn new tokens called Holy. The more tokens you stake, the more chances you get to remain in that pool for a longer period. 

JIA tokenomics 

Enthusiastic investors can download and install a third-party online wallet like MetaMask to buy JIA tokens. The tokens will stay in the wallet as long as you don’t want to stake them or sell them. Staking your JIA tokens will allow you to earn more JIA tokens. In fact, you can use your JIA tokens to enable the Predictions Market future. That should give you an idea about the currency’s whereabouts in the crypto industry. 

The developers believe that JIA’s tokenomics will interest many investors who want to earn stable returns in the long run. A JIA expert said, “We have divided the tokenomics into three parts. They will cover all the essential aspects of the currency without taking any risks. For example, we keep aside as much as 90% of the tokens for buyers. Imagine 90% of 10 trillion tokens available for buyers once the token goes live. Investors should dive right in to acquire JIA tokens as soon as possible so that they can see their value grow over time. Apart from keeping 90% of the tokens for buyers, we are also keeping 5% for private investors and 5% for team tokens. 

We will redistribute a 5% fee to all the existing holders after every transaction. This means the cost price of each JIA token will come down eventually. However, we will add 5% of the transaction fees as a part of the Pancake Swap feature. Don’t worry; this fee goes into JIA’s liquidity pool. Your investment remains safe.”

Token details

As already mentioned, JIA will release a maximum of 10 trillion tokens. It will not increase its maximum limit even if the currency is doing well. Many investors want to know if there are any early-bird offers or not. Most tokens provide additional benefits as they help attract more investors. JIA provides tokens as a part of its early-bird offer. It is similar to crowdfunding. You will get JIA tokens in return if you invest in this currency. Additionally, you will also receive unique NFTs. 

Privinvestors ate or early investors will become eligible for unique and original NFTs that they can later use to start their NFT store or buy more JIA tokens. However, each person will receive 1 NFT each. You can buy JIA tokens using NFT and later swap them on 

Make sure you invest in JIA tokens as soon as it goes live. This community token has all the makings of a virtual asset that will reap huge returns over the long term.