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“The Tiny Pinecone” Released to Celebrate Autumn, Children and Nature

The Tiny Pinecone wanted to be like the beautiful fall leaves until it realized there was something even more beautiful to be. Through the story of how a pinecone grows into a majestic pine tree “The Tiny Pinecone” encourages children to work together, teaches there is strength in working together in life. It also helps children develop self-esteem as they come to honor their own value and gifts as they grow into the people they are meant to be.

Nature can teach so much. Look around there are valuable lessons everywhere. The trees teach that change, which is the only constant in life, though sometimes scary can also be quite beautiful. Nature also teaches there is balance in the world, that all things work together and everything plays an important role in life. Very valuable lessons for children to learn.

Written by author, life coach, and blog founder Judy Luca, the new book is a celebration of nature, the seasons and children. Being a mom of 4 kids and grandmother to 7 the author believes that everyone is on this journey called life together, that there is strength in working together and that as one is lifted higher all are taken higher.

Created for parents, educators and childcare providers to share with children. it encourages cooperation, confidence and appreciation for one’s unique gifts. This new book is aligned with other books from the author that inspire, motivate and help each child and person reach one’s full potential.

The author’s books, website and articles are designed to help people to develop a higher level of being.

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Author Judy Luca was born near Boston to a large Irish/Italian family. She has written and published over 30 children and adult books so far, taking inspiration from her large family, her children and grandchildren. Ms. Luca is passionate about helping adults and children grow, heal and learn how to live a fuller, happier, healthier life as they reach their maximum potential.

All books written by Luca are available to purchase on Amazon. Popular titles include “The Tiny Snowflake”, “The Tiny Acorn” and “The Tiny Seashell”; all from the series “The Little Things – The Seasons” for children. For adults: “Day by Day” and “The L.A.W. Lovingly Ascending into Wholeness” a book using the laws of attraction & vibration, psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and more to heal and become whole.

Satisfied 5 Star customers write:

“I have had the opportunity to read and reread this lovely story to my two grandchildren. The message is one of mindfulness, observation and kindness, each a lesson in itself. Evidence of the beauty of the narrative is at bedtime on almost every visit Charlie and Vivienne ‘ask’ that I read it to them by running into the room clutching it in their – tiny – hands. Thank you to Ms. Luca for creating these moments for us.”

“Such a beautiful story. Judy’s writing lights up the world and Inspires us all to play an love like children… magical”

“What I loved the most was the positive message about how the tree didn’t have to be like the others to be special. It didn’t change colors, but it was always strong and beautiful 🙂 And I love trees & nature. Great book for kids!”

“Judy Luca is as she writes ‘magical.’ One can feel her love and wisdom through the pages, each word, each illustration for each child and parent reader.”

For further information on her books visit her Author page on Amazon at:

Law of Attraction & Vibration

82 Raymond Rd

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