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Before succeeding in business, the founders of EcomShare, Eri and KayKay, worked a 9-5. This working pattern consisted of spending, a minimum of, 8 hours a day to work for an individual or a company. However, being confined to the restrictions of the workplace resulted in less flexibility and inability to handle other responsibilities. Upon realizing the benefits of Dropshipping and eCommerce business models, the founders soon began to establish their business and control their own income. Having accumulated years of experience, they now aim to help other individuals achieve financial freedom.

EcomShare assists clients in establishing their online business. Within their training programme, EcomShare provides clients with in-depth mentoring and ensure that they provide their clients with ongoing support. Upon signing up for mentorship, you will receive (1) a comprehensive guide to achieving financial freedom (2) ways to minimize investment and expenses (3) proven strategies to maximize profit.

The experienced team is dedicated to facilitating their client’s success. Both Eri and KayKay take pride in helping their clients take control of their lives by escaping the restrictions of a 9-5. 

Despite only launching recently, EcomShare has already helped dozens of individuals to earn profit and succeed in their business ventures. Ecomshare’s ethos is ensuring everyone can discover the benefits that come from being your own boss and working whenever and wherever you like. To build on their previous success, EcomShare are expanding their reach further and are aiming to secure 5000 clients before 2022. 

For those who want to start with Dropshipping and Ecommerce, they offer a free Ebook which also provides a special discount for their membership. If you are looking to discover financial freedom or to find out more about Ecomshare and stay up to date with all of their latest news, advice, and tips, then you can follow them on Instagram @ecomshare.