The Secrets of the Millionaires Revealed in a New Book by Brady Bryan

It’s not often that you come across a truly inspiring book, and Brady Bryan’s new book “The Millionaires You Went To High School With” is just that. In this book, which will be launched in January 30th, Brady shares the stories of entrepreneurs who made millions in business, starting from humble beginnings. These tales of triumph showcase simple ideas combined with extraordinary perseverance and insight – proving that anyone can make their mark if they set their mind to it.

This book is for the “Cubical army”- folks working hard for big companies and have dreams of doing their own thing but have never made the jump for one reason or another. “The Millionaires You Went To High School With” is designed to wake up the cubicle army and show them that they don’t have to limit themselves. The millionaires in this book branched out on their own into thriving business owners after realizing just how much potential success awaited them. Each soldier in the cubicle army can, too!

Bryan is no stranger to success himself. He is the CEO and founder of BRAYN consulting, a company that has helped numerous businesses reach new heights through tax savings. His first-hand experience, combined with his drive to help others, has led him to write this book. In it, he shares the secrets of how these millionaires made their money so that others can learn from their journeys and apply them to their own lives.

This book will show readers how to not only survive but thrive in the face of adversity. A common theme is perseverance. Having the motivation to try something else when the first business didn’t work or to hire new staff even when the funds weren’t there made all the difference. The author will show readers all the ways that his friends and clients reinvented themselves in their quest for a brighter future.

The Millionaires You Went To High School With is not a how-to manual. There are plenty of great books out there that will take readers step by step and guide them through how to be a millionaire from start to finish, with detailed instructions on what they need to do in each stage. But this isn’t one of those. Rather than giving direct instruction such as selling homes to achieve financial freedom, Brady shares his and other people’s personal stories, detailing times when all seemed lost yet somehow managed to stay strong under pressure.

Bryan has the expertise to provide tax incentives for any industry, and his years of experience in this field make him invaluable. He is also a licensed attorney in California and Texas and resides in Las Vegas with his family.

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