The Science Of Sea Salt: Diabetes & Immunity Saline Benefits Book Launched

The new book describes the unique characteristics of sea salt that can help manage certain illnesses, like diabetes, and contribute to overall health. It also talks about how different types of sea salt have different attributes, and advises that sourcing the right one for each person’s intended use must come with careful research.

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H2Ocean’s recently launched book coincides with an article published by the Mayo Clinic about the benefits of sea salt. According to the article, sea salt is not just a better-tasting alternative to processed or iodized salt, but it is also a natural source of dozens of trace minerals that human beings are deficient in, like zinc and iron.

Sea salt contains less sodium and has a more pleasant salinity to it, while processed or iodized salt taste metallic and bitter. H2Ocean explains that due to the lower sodium content, people who use it retain less water and feel less bloated. While consumers with diabetes and hypertension problems should still control their usage of the mineral, it is easier for them to enjoy the flavors they love without going over their daily sodium allowance if they use sea salt.

The benefits of sea salt go beyond its culinary purpose. The Science of Sea Salt details research-based data that shows how sea salt can be used for detoxification and skin care. Sea salt baths are very soothing for individuals with muscular and joint injuries and even reduce the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Individuals with eczema, psoriasis, and minor burns benefit from the hydrating effects of sea salt products.

The Science of Sea Salt also delves into the immune system benefits of the mineral. The immune system is a complex cluster of organs and responses that work together to form a barrier between the human body and the outside world. The immune system, however, requires trace minerals like zinc, phosphorous, and iron to work properly. These minerals can be found in good-quality sea salt.

H2Ocean harvests the salt for its eco-friendly skincare products and oral rinses from beds that use only the cleanest seawater. After the seawater is drained into the salt beds, it is allowed to dry naturally in the sun until the crystals form.

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