The Science Of Sea Salt | Book On Safe Minerals For Food Preservation Launched

The book collates the research of over 70 different international professors, scientific researchers and medical professionals and distills their findings in the field of sea salt, marine compounds and biotechnology. The Science of Sea Salt has been published by H2Ocean and edited by Eddie Kolos, a renowned American inventor, formulator and entrepreneur.

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As scientific and medical interest grows in biotechnology, and as the global scientific community increasingly turns to the natural world for solutions to contemporary problems, Eddie Kolos is proud to be bringing a deep dive into sea salt to his peers in the fields of research, medicine and academics.

The Science of Sea Salt focuses on the rich and unique mineral compounds that are found within sea salt and features studies that have used this abundant natural resource in the newest frontiers of medicine, oral biology, and more.

In particular, one section of the book is devoted to sea salt’s current and possible future applications in the realm of food science. The three chapters in this section focus on food preservation, culinary medicine and nutrigenomics and salt.

As such, Eddie Kolos recommends this evidence and research-based scientific text to anyone in the food industry who is searching for revolutionary, safe and eco-friendly alternatives to current food production practices.

The Science of Sea Salt is the new leading text on sea salt and novel marine compounds, and it is currently available as a hardcover book. It reflects years of rigorous peer-reviewed research and development.

H2Ocean believes it is a landmark work, which will have profound ramifications in the field of biotechnology.

A spokesperson for Eddie Kolos and his panel of experts said, “As new medical discoveries enhance biotechnological innovations, significant attention is focused on the ocean’s natural resources, because the marine ecological setting is a unique storehouse of novel bioactive natural compounds. In this book, the editor and authors have explored the science of sea salt focusing on basic learning and clinical guidelines in an effort to further collect data that may lead to new developments. In doing so, they present extraordinary information and help the reader to understand the resourcefulness of sea salt.”

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