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‘The Real Tarzann’ Set To Release His Own NFT Collection

The many fans of Mike Holston usually know him not by his real name, but as the closest thing reality has to a living, breathing Tarzan. For those unfamiliar, Mike, better known by his moniker, The Real Tarzann, is a modern-day animal whisperer, conservationist, and social media superstar who boasts a whopping 6.4 million followers on Instagram. Despite the heaps of fame and adulation, Mike stays focused on his lifelong mission to increase conservational awareness and spread his love of animals. This time, he’s doing it through NFTs.

An NFT, or “Non-Fungible Token”, is a digital asset (which could be anything from art, music, in-game items, and videos) that has seen a recent boom. Before you ask- no, ‘fungible’ is not a made-up term, it refers to something that can be replaced with another identical item, like replacing a dollar for a dollar or a bitcoin for a bitcoin. NFTs on the other hand are ‘non-fungible’, like original artworks with their own inherent value, and without any identical copy or replacement. With that out of the way, what’s conservationism got to do with NFTs?

The modern-day animal man has produced a 5,500-piece NFT collection for use in a tribal and animal-themed decentralized strategy game called Tribes of Ogun.

Based on the blockchain but steeped in 3,000-year-old African folklore, Mike’s new game tasks NFT collectors with fulfilling the ancient prophecy ordained by Ogun, the ancient Yobura God of War – a primeval decree which foretells of the Great Block Wars – the ultimate battle for control of Yoburaland – a plush kingdom filled with unimaginable riches.

How the game works is simple: Players must join one of the five warring animalistic tribes- from the stealthy Black Panthers to the mighty Silverback Gorillas. Each tribe is encouraged to gather together, online or in real life, to coordinate a battle plan for collecting subsequently released NFTs, called, “The Five Elements of Ogun” (Fire, Water, Earth, Iron, Heart). The goal of each tribe is to amass the largest collection of companion NFTs representing each of the five elemental categories. Each elemental battle will focus on a particular set of element NFTs, and will last 7-days. At the completion of each 7-day period, prizes will be awarded, and new element NFTs will be released, restarting the war.

If you were wondering, the spoils of war in this game are hefty. Owners of winning tribes are entitled to 10% of the revenue from the war, while 90% is split evenly amongst all winning tribe NFT holders. On top of that, each winning tribe member will also be entered into a draw to win real-life prize packages, like all-expense-paid trips to exotic locations befitting your tribe’s winning element, or a meet and greet slash wildlife experience with The Real Tarzann himself, Mike Holston. If that wasn’t enough reason to join in, NFT holders will actually be sponsoring over 250+ animals through their purchase of NFTs and participation in the game, thereby making a difference while earning a tidy sum.

The highly anticipated Tribes of Ogun NFT collection drops this Sunday, 3pm EST. If you share Mike’s love of animals, or love Mike Holston himself, and are in the market for a fun, competitive, and rewarding strategy game that you can play with friends on the go, don’t hesitate. Channel your animal spirit, join a tribe, and mint your way to victory and exciting prizes.

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