The Power of Consistency: Ambassador Phillip T. Birchfield’s Secrets

On March 14, 2023, Ambassador Phillip T. Birchfield shared his transformation journey to health and wellness. As the Leader of the Team Shaw Direct Sales Organization and Ambassador of Total Life Changes, Ambassador Birchfield has successfully shed more than 120 pounds, decreased his waist size by 10 inches, and transitioned from wearing a 3XL to medium-sized shirts. In a recent interview, Ambassador Birchfield shared his secrets to success, emphasizing the importance of consistency and a healthy digestive system.

Ambassador Birchfield attributes his success to consistency in both business and weight loss. He shares that his journey involved exercise, drinking water, consuming his favorite tea, and taking the NutraBurst liquid multivitamin. Additionally, he is a fan of the Total Life Changes 15-Day Challenge, which encourages people to engage in 30 minutes of movement and drink half of one’s body weight in ounces of water. Recently, Ambassador Birchfield coached someone who made it into the top 36 of the 15-Day Challenge, competing for a $25,000 prize. This and subsequent transformation success stories have led to a new feature of regularly sharing transition stories. Individuals can register to participate in a Zoom call to hear motivational transformation stories at

Ambassador Birchfield’s hard work has paid off as he now enjoys all the benefits that come with leading a healthier lifestyle. He is thrilled with his new body composition and looks forward to helping others achieve similar success. Birchfield admonished against developing temporary goals like getting in shape for an event. Instead, he recommended focusing on larger goals and not short-term focus, which reduces the nutrition level once the target is achieved.

Phillip emphasized the importance of consistency, stating, “He had to be consistent in his efforts if he wanted to see any real progress. He knew that this was something he had to work at every day, even when it felt like he was taking two steps forward, one step back after personal challenges.” Phillip also highlighted the significance of a healthy digestive system, sharing, “He discovered that working out, eating right, and eating better is good, but all that good work wouldn’t matter if his digestive system was clogged up. No one taught him that. When he started to cleanse, he found a whole new world.”

With years of personal experience under his belt, Ambassador Birchfield understands how difficult it can be to stick with a diet or exercise plan over time. However, he knows that consistency is key for real, lasting results. He encourages others who are looking for transformation to stay focused on their goals and not let setbacks discourage them from achieving them.

Ambassador Birchfield’s inspiring story serves as proof that by committing oneself to consistency in both business and health, one can reach their goals regardless of how ambitious they might seem at first glance.

For more information about Ambassador Phillip T. Birchfield and his journey to health and wellness, please visit the Team Shaw Caribbean website.

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