The Northern Star Watch: A Watch That Glistens Like the Stars in the Night Sky

Orlando, Florida — Numerous different companies are working on luxury watch designs these days, each claiming that their watches are more exquisite, more unique than the other, announcing that they will make the wearer feel special. With so many designer watches being introduced, what better way to feel really special by knowing the watch you are choosing to wear is also giving back to good causes and shining a light to those in the dark? The Northern Star Watch is exactly the watch you are looking for. It has a mission to be the light for others in need. Their uniquely designed watch was never meant to be a luxury item, although it can easily be classified as such due to its high quality, but the Northern Star Watch is not a symbol of luxury, but represents a person who wants to shine their light for a good cause. Once fully funded, each watch sold on the company’s website will sponsor a non-profit mission or a charity. Each customer will be able to choose which charity or mission their watch supports at check-out, at no additional cost to them. 5-10% of each sale will then be donated to the good cause chosen.

The Northern Star Watch features a 42 MM, 316LSS type polished stainless-steel case. The watch has a distinctive sleek hexagonal shape that sits comfortably on the wrist. On the band, a defining feature is the steel crown each watch wears. The watch face which is a sunburst dial has an open-heart design that is reminiscent of a smile, showing its Miyota 90S5 Premium movement heart ticking away. The crystal is a Double Anti-Reflexive Sapphire to compliment is extremely luminous body and dial. 

The Northern Star Watch has something no other watch in the world has – the Northern Star Horizon Ring. The Horizon Ring is a custom board which lights up the face of the watch, lighting up the 19 Moissainte stones creating a sparkle effect that can be seen from several feet away. Moissanite gemstones have a higher refractive index than a natural diamond, which means that it will sparkle brighter when light catches it. Moissanite stones are lab created, making them an eco-conscious choice as they require no mining. The two side buttons on the Northern Star Watch control the functionality of the watch. Top button turns it on/off and the bottom button changes the lighted mode from twinkle, pulse, static, and rotate. These unique lighted modes give the watch the appearance of having stars on your wrist.

The Northern Star Watch was designed by Shaheen Miller and the company was co-founded with his wife Noraida Miller. They are on a mission to redefine luxury and give back to good causes while allowing customers to enjoy the unique design of their watch. The Northern Star has been in development for about 2 years. We are very passionate about the success and launch of the watch and are looking for your support through their Kickstarter campaign, which has already reached 70% of its goal. You can check it out at