The Next Blue Chip NFT: Cyborg 86

If you’re looking to invest in the next blue-chip NFT, Cyborg 86 might just be your best bet. For the uninitiated, Cyborg 86 is a leading NFT that currently features an impressive lot of 8.6k cyborgs. Interestingly, every cyborg is assigned a category depending on how rare it is. What’s more, it is also bundled with multiple different elements that only add to its beauty. 

Currently, you will find these cyborgs stored in the form of tokens. The platform calls these tokens ERC-721 and they are currently available on the Ethereum blockchain. The entire thing including the blockchain is securely hosted on an IPFS which refers to file interplanetary systems. 

The ultimate goal of Cyborg 86 is to establish an active community of thriving investing enthusiasts and businessmen who want to make the most of the Web 3.0 transition. 

But what is the roadmap for this NFT and where does it stand in the coming days? We will find that out and more in the following sections. 

Stage 1- 10%

During this point of the NFT’s journey, users and investors will get the chance to receive gifts worth $86,000. This is provided by the NFT as a token of thanks for your new investment venture. Investors will get a chance to win gifts worth up to $8.6 thousand per day. These gifts will be tracked during the event itself and you can expect to receive them around the same time. 

Stage 2- 20%

The next stage is all about investing in a private but secure environment. Our end goal is to enter the system and get access to private investment opportunities. This can range from off-market investments in the real estate sector to seed funding in thriving startups. What’s more, you will also get an opportunity to be an angel investor and invest in ICOs and more. 

Stage 3- 30%

At this stage, you would be taken to the NFT’s key highlight, BRAIN 3.0. Thanks to this, you can enjoy exclusive access to some V.I.P events. The first event is slated to happen in Miami this year during February. A large chunk of people will also participate in the event via Metaverse and other online video calling platforms. 

Stage 4- 40%

At this stage, The NFT’s primary focus would be charity. The NFT has promised to donate $50,000 along with 10% of the company royalties to assist a foundation located in Ivory Coast. This foundation is geared to assist kids with several ailments and the makers believe it has the power to save our future. 

Stage 5- 50%

This is the stage where Cyborg 86 transcends the realm of a brand allowing you to be the first couple of ambassadors. You would get a full opportunity to join the shared cause of people who have the power to transform earth as we see it. 

Stage 6- 60%

When the company reaches this stage, it will host exclusive series of events ranging from VIP concerts to global in-flight entertainment, to everything else you can imagine. The community of cyborgs and investors will not merely transform the metaverse but they will create a true impact in our world as we see it. 

Stage 7- 70%

This is the stage where the community takes active participation to vote and pick projects. What’s more, they also get a chance to invest up to $860,0000 which is specifically reserved for the event. 

Stage 8- 80%

This is the stage where every member will receive multiple rewards up to $1,000,000. The rewards will be distributed through the 8,600 unique cards that come with predefined signs determining the reward’s ultimate value. 

Stage 9- 90%

Almost at the end of the goal, the NFT will send an application to the Kibaa house where they get a chance to collaborate with the cat gang of Gutters, and members of the B.A.Y.C community. The ultimate goal is to create one of the first projects involving metaverse as key in the ecosystem. If this is successful, cyborg 86 will get some stake on the Sandbox which is yet again one of the best places to set up a base. 

Stage 10-100%

This stage marks the commencement of the Brain 3.0 revolution. The details are fully confidential. But you can expect news about a cryptocurrency soon. 

n the future, we will see a lot of change. With innovations in technology and science, humans are hoping to transform themselves. Plus, with the advent of blockchain technology, cyborgs are no longer just a sci-fi dream. What does this mean? New forms of currency can be used by anyone in any part of the world. With NFTs becoming more accepted, it’s only a matter of time until they become the next blue-chip nft.

This article speaks on how NFTs are becoming more commonplace and what future innovation is in store for us soon.

What is a NFT?

NFTs are digital assets that live on the blockchain and may be exchanged for cash. They function as digital tokens that may be used in a number of ways, including the purchase of equities, the sale of an idea to investors, and the creation of new money. NFTs work similarly to cryptocurrencies, but they are far more versatile and do not have any associated expenses or fees. They are a good alternative to cryptocurrencies.

NFTs also offer an easy method of monetizing your work by allowing you to use them to purchase anything you created, such as artwork or music. This makes it simple for consumers who want to acquire tangible products but don’t want to deal with the hassle of locating a trustworthy seller.

The future of NFTs is only getting started, and there is a tremendous amount of promise for innovation with this technology. There will be a slew of new varieties of NFTs introduced soon!

The Future of Cyborg 86

Blockchain technology is advancing at a fast pace. Cyborgs are no longer only a sci-fi fantasy thanks to this breakthrough in technology. We now have the power to convert into cyborgs, thanks to the blockchain and the NFT technologies.

NFTs are becoming more popular as the technology continues to evolve and improve. They will soon be recognized as a distinct asset class in their own right. As of right now, they are only accepted as cash by a small number of businesses, but this will alter in the not too distant future.

Can you buy a NFT now?

NFTs are becoming more and more popular, and the demand for these coins is expansive. However, with all the hype, how can you truly buy an NFT?

The answer is: You can’t.

Unfortunately, most non-fungible tokens are not yet available to purchase on a public exchange. This means that you have to acquire them from other people or from Whales (people who own massive amounts of digital currencies), as they will be willing to transfer their assets for a large amount of cryptocurrency.

Nonetheless, there’s hope for those who want to get their hands on NFTs in the near future. NFTs are getting closer and closer to being listed on public exchanges (if not already).

Types of NFTs

NFTs are digital assets that can be programmed to use their value in various ways. These assets, which include items such as games and collectibles like artwork, have a fixed supply of the asset’s specific type.

This article talks about the three types of NFTs:

– Stable NFTs: Use a fixed supply of units

– Non-fungible NFTs: Unique value in every unit

– Fungible NFTs: Can be traded and used interchangeably

Who can create and use NFTs?

NFTs are not available to everyone, and that’s a good thing. NFTs must be created by an established institution with a top-tier rating or verified identity.

There are three types of institutions that can create and use NFTs:

1) Centralized institutions, like banks, treasury departments, and stock exchanges.

2) Decentralized institutions, like crypto exchanges.

3) Unregulated institutions that use the platform as a service (PaaS).

This means that only the best players in the game will be able to create and use these new currency forms on the market. The more established your institution is, the more likely you are to be one of those chosen few who can create and use NFTs.


It’s an excellent opportunity to be a cryptocurrency investor right now. With new non-financial tokens (NFTs) being issued on a daily basis and the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies constantly growing, you can now participate in the next great thing without having to worry about investing in something that could go bust. We really hope that this information was beneficial to you!