The Newest Jet Card Membership – Clear by FlyCFG

When clients are a Clear Card by FlyCFG member, they receive the benefits and all of the exclusivity in chartered flights. It allows passengers to skip all the lines that others endure during the holidays. These are just a few of the benefits that card members enjoy. Here are a few more exclusive benefits to the card.

The Benefits of Our Newest Jet Card Membership

The busy season is here, and along with it, less access to flights. When members have our newest jet card membership, they have access to our pilots and aircraft. Travel plans always stay on track for our cardholders. All clients must do is call us at 1-888-634-7449. Members can email us at as well. Our release of the card offers members the highest level of exclusive access to those flights.

Cardholders enjoy all the benefits of our exclusive care. From booking to the arrival at their destination, every aspect is completely covered. Whatever our passengers need, our staff can help them book their flight to their specific needs. We have access to the best aircraft and pilots for their bookings this holiday season and beyond. They can wait in elite airports with all of the best features of the most elite services. Then, they fly to the destination, knowing they have a flight back if they need it. That is exactly what we offer with the newest Jet card membership.

The Upgrades of Our Newest Jet Card Membership

With our newest jet card membership, savings at wholesale prices for flights are just the beginning. Exclusive cleaning procedures are always used for the aircraft, by the pilot’s staff. Now the membership access provides an even higher level of care. Potential members should ask when they sign up for the newest jet card membership.

Once they join, they may begin booking their holiday flights.. The holiday plans are safe when they have our newest Jet Card Membership. There are no surprises for our cardholders. Instead, they can look forward to the same exclusive travel, better options for the things that they’ve come to expect, and upgrades.

Clear by FlyCFG 

Clear by FlyCFG shows just how committed we are to our client’s needs. We have access to the best pilots, staff, and aircraft available today. The choices that we offer to members ensure the continued exclusive lifestyle that our client’s have always had. Our exclusive proprietary software provides the lowest prices for flights anywhere. Our members get it all. They receive the highest level of care, at the lowest pricing, with travel to the places that most only dream about.

We offer an industry-exclusive list for our members. It offers wholesale prices for them to book their flights. Members are able to select the aircraft and amenities that each flight requires. The choice is all theirs. We have the most exclusive access to all that. The newest Jet Card membership provides a choice in any of these categories of aircraft.

  • Turbo Prop
  • Light Jet
  • Midsize Jet
  • Super Mid-Jet
  • Heavy Jet

Each one offers varying degrees of upgrades for the luxury and comfort of the passengers. If the passenger needs them, beds and showers are an option that is sometimes included in the aircraft. It is important to ask about these amenities when booking the flight. That way, the aircraft chosen matches the needs of the passengers who book the flight. If a booking needs to accommodate a whole party, let us know. Whatever members need for the flight, is just a call away.

Newest Jet Card Membership Possibilities

Exclusive destinations await our members. They have access to our state-of-the-art system, and our exclusively trained staff for the most amazing experience in travel adventures. Not only can they feel secure in knowing that they always have the flights they need to take, but they also have access to the best recommendations in the industry. Our staff knows all about elite locations and parties. Members can take it from there. Allow us to introduce you to the good life.

Adventures are waiting for members of our all-new Jet Card membership. Now anyone who joins has access to no surprise private jet flights. The possibilities for exclusive get-a-ways and special events are limitless. Members can make their plans knowing they always have a flight to book, anywhere they like. Here are the costs involved for minimum deposits for membership levels.

  • For $50,000 they receive a CLEAR management fee of 18%, or $1,800, whichever is the greater.
  • For $100,000 they receive a reduced CLEAR management fee of 15%, or $1,500, whichever is the greater.
  • For $250,000 they receive a further reduced CLEAR management fee of 12% or $1,200, whichever is the greater. In addition, top-tier clients can enjoy a catering budget of $250 when they complete a super-mid or heavy jet booking.

Members can impress clients and family members by using the jet card membership to travel to special destinations and create events of a lifetime. The holidays are bright when you have the new Clear Card Membership.

Continue to live the lifestyle that most only dreams about. Adventures are waiting for members ahead. All it takes is deciding which level to join at. Then, begin packing, because the world lies ahead. All that, just in time for the holidays, too. Call today at 1-888-634-7449, or email us at for more information.