The New Ace Spade Pickleball Paddle Is Now Out In The Market!

During the later part of October 2022, after months of research and development plus actual testing with professional players, the new ACE Pickleball company has launched its flagship paddle out in the market, the ACE Spade Pickleball paddle.

Being pickleball players and enthusiasts themselves, the ACE founders’ desire is to make an all around paddle that would meet the need of most pickleball players – a paddle that can provide a great balance between spin and pop.

The R&D process took a while as ACE tested out dozens of paddles in their search for the perfect high-performance paddle but they never found one that exhibits just the right performance.

Borne from this search for the perfect paddle, the founders of ACE Pickleball, Will Jamieson and Brian McDonaugh, decided to stop looking and rather build one instead with the mantra of providing every advantage players can have on the pickleball court.

Taking the output (all the good and bad) from their paddle testing experiments, ACE Pickleball teamed up with an industry veteran who had an incredibly vast experience in product design and branding and that’s when the ACE Spade Pickleball paddle was developed.

Built with the latest design technology and using high quality materials, the ACE Spade paddle aims to satisfy both the feel and power for every shot which is perfect for all around play.

This also means that the paddle can be used by beginners and advanced players alike, either for both offensive and defensive styles of play.

The ACE Spade is the flagship model released by ACE Pickleball and its initial launched was met with great success. It is already being considered as one of the best pickleball paddles in the industry.

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