The Move-To-Earn method is integrated into the laufempire protocol, which combines Web3, NFTs, and a mobile application.

Aachen, Germany — Laufempire is a walking, moving, exercising, and accomplishing in-app challenges app that blends NFT, GameFi, and SocialFi features. Walking, moving, exercising, and performing in-app activities earn users $XPT/NFTs. They are a next-generation company committed to creating innovative goods that improve people’s lives. Laufempire is based on a typical daily activity for the majority of people, and customers are given NFTs in the form of Sneakers. Everyone who wishes to utilize and participate in laufempire is welcome to do so. To be more specific, users do not need any prior knowledge of NFT or Crypto to get started. To begin using laufempire, all they need to know is that they must expend those calories.

The platform’s purpose is to build a powerful app platform and ecosystem that will introduce millions of new people to bitcoin through the creation of diverse applications. People should be able to readily experience crypto’s potential and utilize it to make a substantial difference in their life. The objective of laufempire is to become one of the top three Move-To-Earn applications in the world. They are always attempting to attain their objectives. They intend to disseminate their application in the form of a health statement and vision so that as many people as possible may see the truth about their health.

The laufempire team also intends to build a vast and long-lasting ecosystem in the form of an unprecedented play-to-earn platform. They will connect real-world user profiles to virtual-world identities, and we will play an important part in all future metaverses. It assists people in staying on track while attempting to create greater behavioral adjustments in the present.

The following are the services provided by laufempire:

Laufempire is dedicated to assisting people in living healthy and active lives.

Laufempire regularly records its customers’ walking and running progress in order to build a thorough training plan.

Laufempire is a web 3.0 application that links one’s daily need. This application is compatible with a wide range of devices and allows users to effortlessly measure their daily heart rate while also supporting them in improving their health.

The route path is recorded by laufempire so that it may be merged into an image mode, which individuals can then convert to NFT, turn into a valuable asset, and sell on a separate market.

Earnings Boosting Strategy

Move to Earn is a program that allows users to earn money by walking, fast walking, or running. These motions will be recorded with GPS, and data from mobility and health sensors will be included into the software, which will be available on mobile devices. Laufempire is a smartphone application that includes Social-Fi and Game-Fi components.

Laufempire’s move to earn concept will be a huge step forward in bringing everyone closer to blockchain technology in a straightforward and accessible way. The platform generates $STC. Users of laufempire must first download the application, then gear themselves with NFT-enabled sports shoes and select the move-to-earn modes that best suit their health and profit demands.

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