The Metaverse Is Getting Its First Donut Shop

In the ever-expanding universe of NFTs, flourishing communities and teams are bringing an unending variety of innovative utilities to the space at breakneck speeds. With such incredible strides being made over the past year, there’s no shortage of interesting projects… including donuts.

Yes, a donut shop is coming to the metaverse. And, it has much more to offer than just delicious digital treats. Being the first NFT experience of its kind, The Donut Shop is a project looking to bridge the gap between the metaverse and reality in exciting ways. The Shop’s collection of 7,777 unique Donut NFTs, with over 250 traits, gives owners the ability to utilize their desired Donuts on any platform via 3D VX files. Donut owners receive royalties and rights, which will allow them to vote, earn, and decide on future business decisions. They also gain entry to all future public and private events hosted by The Donut Shop.

It gets even better. Presale owners play an integral part in a thrilling mission: establishing donut shop locations in both the metaverse and real life. In Summer 2022, a physical flagship storefront is slated to be launched in Miami, FL. To celebrate the launch, The Donut Shop plans to host a massive grand opening, with invites extended to all 7,777 holders. Their aim is to utilize this physical location along with ghost kitchens around the world to bake their sweet treats and sell them at scale.

With the physical storefront being The Donut Shop’s ultimate objective, they will also be establishing franchises throughout the metaverse in places like Sandbox, Decentraland, and Wilder. Presale holders gain a direct stake in the storefronts of both realities via the project’s smart contract and the Donut DAO – an unprecedented community-driven feat in the NFT space.

They also gain entry to the Donut Shop Investor Club. In the Club, community members are plugged into weekly investor meetings, lifetime access to private events, access to member only merchandise, and direct investment opportunities with The Donut Shop. And, to top it all off, presale holders get access to a lifetime supply of donuts from the physical storefront itself. For those late to the party, owners who mint during the public sale are still eligible for an entire year’s supply of donuts. Delicious.

These kinds of NFT ventures are beginning to be built at a growing scale. And, industry heavyweights like Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, believe it will become the norm for businesses everywhere. In a live interview on CNN, Vaynerchuk stated how, “The way everybody in business needs a social media account to be relevant in 2021, is the same way in 2025 everyone is going to need an NFT strategy.” He likened NFTs to marketing collateral, allowing businesses to connect with their customers on a deeper and more personal level via smart contracts. In the fast-moving space of blockchains like Ethereum, projects like The Donut Shop are only exemplifying how endless the opportunities here truly are.

At its heart, The Donut Shop’s mission is ambitious, engaging, and wholesome. With their focus on cultivating an amazing community, they also have big plans for giving back. $500,000 raised during the mint will be donated in a variety of ways: $250,000 to Action Against Hunger & Feeding America, $50,000 to the lucky holder who mints The Golden Donut, and $150,000 in goodies, giveaways, and events to be distributed throughout the first year of launch. The Donut Shop is also looking to host food drives for local communities around the world with the goal of spreading the joy of donuts to all. Tasty pastries, community, and kindness – does it get any better?