The Medlin Law Firm, A Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney, Fights For The Rights And Freedom Of Individuals Facing Prosecution

Dallas, TX – One of the first questions individuals facing criminal charges ask is whether or not they should hire an attorney. Most people lose their cases because they’re unaware of the court procedures, legal systems, and rights under the law. Seeking legal assistance or guidance from a criminal defense attorney ensures that individuals follow guidelines and minimize costly mistakes or negative consequences. At The Medlin Law Firm, a team of attorneys has been defending clients with crimes for 96 years combined experience. They leverage their skills, knowledge of criminal law, experience, and network of professionals to preserve clients’ rights and advocate for them at each step of the process.

When a person is behind the wheel, they run into the danger of being involved in an accident. Drivers must be vigilant at all times. Since alcohol impacts alertness, driving under the influence risks the lives of everyone on the road and attracts serious consequences. A DWI conviction affects a person’s ability to obtain a car or home insurance, volunteer, apply for their dream jobs, or get loans. The DWI attorney understands the implications, which is why they spend time creating legal strategies for defense. They use a personalized approach to protect clients from civil litigation, hefty fines, jail time, alcohol education programs, criminal histories, license suspension or revocation, or the ignition interlock system.

State and federal law drug charges are complex. The drug laws in Texas are classified into Penalty Groups depending on their danger, chemical characteristics, and potential of use. Individuals facing accusations of drug crimes can understand their legal options with The Medlin Law Firm Dallas criminal lawyer. They assess the facts and evidence, explore prosecutor tactics or tricks, and develop a defense plan. Additionally, the lawyer defends clients accused of theft, fraud, violent crimes, assault, domestic violence, murder, reckless driving, and gun crimes.

Under certain circumstances, individuals found guilty of crimes in Texas may secure a grant of probationary supervision to avoid or minimize incarceration periods. Since probation is a privilege rather than a right, seasoned attorneys use their legal knowledge to help clients navigate the system. They protect clients’ ability to adhere to curfews, maintain and provide proof of consistent employment, minimize involvement with the criminal justice system, facilitate regular meetings with probation officers, and oversee community service hours. Alongside probation violation, the attorney may handle failure-to-appear cases, expunction requests, and other system-generated offenses.

Gary L. Medlin, Esq., the managing partner at The Medlin Law Firm Dallas, knows that every criminal case represents a person’s future and life. That understanding is the basis of creating a favorable client-attorney relationship that lasts even after the resolution of a case. For the 36 years the attorney has practiced criminal law, Gary has received many awards, memberships with prestigious legal associations, 5-star reviews, and positive testimonials.

To learn more about Texas criminal law, visit the firm’s website or call (214) 888-4810 to schedule a consultation. The Medlin Law Firm is located at 2550 Pacific Ave #872, Dallas, TX, 75226, US.

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