The League of Tigers to Develop LirQ, a SaaS that Will Serve Small and Medium Enterprises Seeking Support

SINGAPORE, December 22, 2022/ / — The League of Tigers ( will launch LIRQ in 2023, a Software-as-a-Service platform that will help Small and Medium Enterprises seek, compare, and choose the best options available for financing.

The League of Tigers ( tLOT ) has announced today the launch date of the new LIRQ platform, a SaaS built for small and medium businesses seeking financing. LIRQ will help businesses identify financing options that fit their short to medium term needs.

Through LIRQ companies will be able to set their own repayment and financing terms and filter down to financing providers that can accommodate the parameters.

“We are very happy to be able to launch LIRQ, at a moment when we believe is the most needed. Post pandemic, and in the wake of rampant inflation, we believe that now more than ever small and medium companies need flexible financing, built to their needs.

LIRQ will be launched in February of 2023, … at the moment we have onboarded only 52 small and medium companies to test the Beta version and everything is running smoothly and everybody is happy with the results so far.” – Demeter Frederiksen, Executive Secretary of tLOT Board, said on Monday the 5th of December 2022.


The League of Tigers (tLOT, ) is a community of investors with over 1000 members worldwide. The mission of tLOT is to develop and cultivate a strong communal of like-minded investors, driven by the same values, investing in well researched and vetted situations that meet the community’s core criteria.

The League of Tigers is presided by the Board – a group of over 50 business leaders, banking experts, veteran entrepreneurs, hedge fund and VC managers. The Board’s role is to research, identify, vet, and approve investment opportunities within a select number of niches and bring these opportunities to the tLOT community. Each member decides if to participate in group that ultimately invests in the opportunities set forth.

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