The insurance powered crypto – MCDEX

Hong Kong, China– The evolution of the crypto market has been noticeable since 2021. The newly issued cryptocurrency MCDEX has sparked considerable interest since its inception. It has been recognized by many institutional investors and has taken a significant step toward mass adoption. MCDEX has undergone significant changes in comparison to the time when the token was first introduced. MCDEX is now an integral part of the basic infrastructure for a range of traditional industries. After years of research and development, MCDEX has discovered more scenarios where the application can further demonstrate its worth.

The token has penetrated into various fields in our society, such as electronic health records, DNA wallets, anti-counterfeit medication, protein folding, digital currency payment, and many more. However, the MCDEX’s primary application remains in the field of insurance. At the moment, MCDEX has formed cooperative partnerships with multiple major insurance companies. Numerous collaboration projects in the field of customized and personalized insurance businesses have been launched.

As the market turns favorable in 2022, MCDEX is set to be traded. The MCDEX platform URL is In early August 2022, MCDEX will be made available in various App Stores, including AXA Group, AIA, and a subsidiary of Bailyhenry Capital Group Pty Ltd. By September 2022, the tokens would be released on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. By the end of December, users will be able to own a large number of MCDEX tokens in their wallets and accounts. These measures would lay a solid foundation for the global insurance coordination business.

Moreover, JP Morgan Chase estimated the MCDEX price would reach $1,200 in August, with a price prediction of $3,000 by the end of the year. To broaden the scope of their business, the MCDEX platform would include the contractual function. Transactions on the MCDEX would be conducted according to the principles of openness and transparency. Each transaction would be recorded. Everyone could access the ledger to check how many assets are available in their wallet, and the records would be impossible to alter. Crypto exchanges can interpret the price trend. While chip analysis can be used to analyze the flow of funds.

Following that, MCDEX would be applied to two areas. The first area is the field of social health. To perfect the real-time and post-commission settlement mechanisms of medical assistance in the medical treatment alliance platform, raise the standard of medical assistance settlement management, support social forces to provide multilevel and diversified medical services, and encourage commercial insurance institutions to follow the principles of law, robustness, and safety, strategic cooperation and the exploration of new forms of health service provision, such as health management organizations, would eventually lead to the integration of the medical service industry chain. The second area is the DeFi industry. At the moment, the global interest and demands for DeFi and cryptocurrencies are growing by the day.

The data showed that the DeFi sector maintained its strong resilience and sustainability despite the trial of the crypto price crash in 2021. In the first half of 2021, the total market value of the DeFi sector projects increased by 382%, setting a new record in history with a market cap of 957 million US dollars. The DeFi sector experienced an explosive advancement in the first quarter, where the supply of stable coins on the Ethereum chain nearly doubled. Therefore, MCDEX will resume its strategy in the DeFi sector to develop more content and diversify its platform functions. In the meantime, there will be various discounts available to attract various customer segments from all over the world.

The number of companies actively adopting the token will continue to rise as MCDEX gathers momentum. MCDEX also demonstrated its great potential against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic. MCDEX has always believed in the paramountcy of technology and indigenous innovation. In the future, MCDEX will continue to provide governments and enterprises with safe, reliable, efficient, and user-friendly products and services, as well as outstanding industry-level solutions, based on its extensive experience in the fundamentals of core technology research. Clearly, as countries around the globe continue to introduce good policies, it will encourage MCDEX to be part of the entity economy. There is a widespread optimistic trend that active adaption of MCDEX will help more and more domestic and foreign enterprises in expanding their businesses.

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