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The Importance of Mobile BI for Businesses, What Is Mobile BI & Why Is It Important?

The advent of devices with advanced features such as AI and ML has triggered a new wave of progress across a wide variety of industries. Experts predict that the market for mobile business intelligence will grow at a rate of 22.43% per year in the next four years.

New business intelligence service technologies are changing the way businesses operate. Mobile data visualization is used for analytics, infographics, and performance dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPIs) in an accessible form.

What Is Mobile BI?

The world is becoming mobile, and so are businesses. The paradigm shift is driving the expansion of analytics tools through innovative mobile devices. Business decisions are increasingly more often made based on analysis carried out with the help of devices.

Mobile analytics provides the same features and capabilities as desktop software. At the same time, it is just as good at dealing with the collection and presentation of key business indicators, dashboards with graphs, charts and warnings about current changes.

Why Is It Important? 

Just like ordinary users, businesses reap significant benefits from mobile technologies. 

Quick access to analytics

Information that can be obtained in real time in any geographic location is invaluable when you need to make the right decisions fast. Whether it’s production, sales or stock quotes, access to the most recent figures will always be important. Wherever you are, you will not miss the opportunity to raise your KPI.

Decision making

Mobile applications provide the latest data-driven information when users need it most. They make you more flexible. Real-time access allows you to quickly see new opportunities, respond to market fluctuations, increase opportunities through up-selling and cross-selling. For example, rapid forecasting of inventory data allows sales staff to form orders for deliveries directly from the warehouse.

Productivity increase

Access to data updated in real time significantly improves operational efficiency. Employees of your company can get access to different levels of confidentiality regardless of their physical location and working hours. This contributes to the widespread adoption of business intelligence and the increase in the overall productivity of day-to-day operations. Reducing the load on your IT team will allow it to focus on other issues that need solving.

Increased competitiveness

Powerful mobile BI apps help you solve critical tasks outside the office. The software used to transform raw data into actionable information helps you make smart choices, make informed decisions and prioritize. Intelligent analysis and visualization allows you to identify market trends, finding opportunities for optimization and further growth faster than your competitors.

Mobile BI Solutions

There are a few methods:

  • Webpage. The loading speed, the quality of the page viewed and the content display on mobile devices are acceptable for reporting and data visualization.
  • HTML5 site – the same as above but with improvements. The advantages are easy scaling and no need to install the application on the device.
  • Native application. The software is adapted to the OS of mobile devices, therefore it is more responsive and runs faster, providing interactive presentation, enhanced and safe use of analytical content. 

The advantage of the latter is that it is designed for a specific platform, so it can fully use the capabilities of the operating system. A native app can directly access the device’s hardware, so it runs faster and provides a better user experience. It is also a great way to keep your data secure.


BI is a reasonable solution for enterprises of all sizes, especially start-ups and companies with an extensive structure. Thanks to business intelligence, companies can succeed and effectively fight competition. No desire to be left behind in this race? Then click here to contact our experts and get solutions that will take your business to new heights.