The growing popularity of Aluminum Extrusion in the Construction Industry of Australia

According to stats, almost 79% of Australians love using aluminium extrusions in their building structures. Most people have marked it as a perfect choice because of its premium and classic feel, while it also gets the job done.

Where are Aluminium Extrusions Used?

Aluminium extrusions have become the backbone of construction, being a cost-effective product while allowing structural integrity. On top of that, aluminium is known to provide a metal feeling to glassy surfaces. Because of its adaptability, aluminium extrusion may be used for a wide variety of construction components. These include windows, doors, and siding.

The overall process of Aluminium extrusion

Extrusion, at its very core, is the process of giving new shapes to the different kinds of molten materials, including metals and plastics. It also encompasses the process of redesigning the objects by forcing them through shaped designs to form moulded materials.

As the whole process seems too flexible, there are numerous ways to complete the whole process. Unfortunately, all of these methods involve hot or cold processes.

Employees must first heat the aluminium to a molten condition before it can be sent to the extrusion unit to automate the operation.

Metal is pushed through a steel die at high pressure by an extrusion machine that uses hydraulic or mechanical force. If the press has a continuous extruder, the metal will be pushed out in long, uninterrupted pieces until the component is finished.

During the semi-continuous flow of metal through the die, the press will cut each piece off one at a time. The finished goods are then cleaned and polished as they move down the production line.

Extruded Aluminum in Construction

There are a variety of extruded aluminium products used both in residential and commercial buildings. For example, extruded aluminium panelling and rails that are often lightweight are used in sheds or while constructing furniture, although dense aluminium structures are favoured as time passes.

Extruded aluminium products aren’t just limited to in-house use. Rather it is used in the industrial sector too. Many different applications of Extruded aluminium include elevator shafts, lighting fixtures and stairwells.

Aluminium provides support to the interior structure

In any case, aluminium can’t be the basic skeleton of the buildings. It surely can aid the other interior structure. Almost everyone in the residential and commercial industries in Australia is using it because it provides support to almost all construction areas such as mechanical, plumbing, furniture making and even small structures such as sheds and garages.

Additionally, aluminium is corrosion resistant, meaning that even in harsh weather or in tough climatic conditions, it won’t get rusty and it will remain protected for years to come.


Extruded aluminium possesses many benefits, which is why it is used in construction by millions of workers all around the world. If you are interested in building a commercial or residential building and want to purchase extruded aluminium for the project, Darley Aluminium is providing a Vast Range of Aluminum Extrusions to the Australian housing and commercial sector to make sure that every house is safe, secure and formidable.

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