The Great Development of New Energy Industry Brings Opportunities to VASUCC’s Sheet Metal Manufacturing Business

Jiangsu, China – VASUCC Sheet Metal is positioned to leverage its capacity, experience, and products to serve clients in the new energy industry. The leading sheet metal fabrication and assembly solutions provider noted that it aims to take clients’ and partners’ products to the next level with its impeccable attention to detail and product and service quality.

“Having been in the market for years, VASUCC Sheet Metal assures that every product we make is of great quality and will be made to your specifications. We work with various industries, to mention but a few: telecom, electronics, medical, 3D printing, as well as the automation industry. Our custom sheet metal fabrication services are not just top-notch quality but affordable as well,” the company’s website reads.

VASUCC Sheet Metal is positioned to serve the new energy industry, especially as recent environmental-friendly changes have necessitated the need for new machinery and equipment. The company prides itself on having the resources to help clients and partners revamp their businesses to meet clean energy requirements by supplying top-quality sheet metals and offering high-quality fabrication and assembly solutions.

Building on its years of experience and production capacity, clients and partners can rely on VASUCC Sheet Metal to meet their needs, whether they are interested in energy options like windmills or the various metal parts, including sheet metal enclosures, electric control parts, voltage and frequency control parts, etc. The sheet metal fabricator is also strategically positioned to handle other green and renewable energy requirements, including inverter setup and parts, charging-in sheet metal enclosures and assemblies, etc.

Describing their manufacturing steps, materials, equipment capability, and quality instruments, the company’s spokesperson. Mr. Chen noted that they are prepared for the future of green energy solutions. He added that their expertise cuts across all areas of sheet metal fabrication, including manual load/unload and robotic load/unload for CNC laser cutting; an array of forming processes including bend manually at 180 to 0 degrees, bend via robot at 180 to 90 degrees, and stamping with tools.

The company’s manufacturing steps and process also includes riveting for nuts, screws, pull riveting, and other kinds of hardware insertion; welding process using MIG, MAG, Laser, and other welding protocols; Finishes using powder coating or galvanized finishes; and more.

VASUCC Sheet Metal is familiar with all types of production materials, whether aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, copper, or special request sheets. The company is open and taking orders from industry partners ready to set the standard in the new energy industry. Contact VASUCC Sheet Metal via its website for more information.

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