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The Global Settlement Layer has now officially started, and TRON is entering a new era that allows the interconnection of multiple chains

By Sebastian Harris

The emergence of digital currency has made people review their traditional perceptions of the financial system and has subsequently triggered a series of “capital reactions”. More and more startups and well-known entrepreneurs have started to flock to the digital currency market. With this continuous and high-intensity competition, new features and innovative ways of gameplay using digital currency are being explored, providing a huge amount of investment opportunities. As one of the “giants” in digital currency innovation, TRON, founded by Mr. Justin Sun, has not only opened up a new era featuring the “interconnection of all chains” with BitTorrent Chain, but has also recently successfully registered on the Deutsche Börse stock exchange and Euronext exchanges in Paris and Amsterdam.


Across the board, TRON’s new vision and “milestone” development has been highly anticipated

September 3 was a memorable and important day both for TRON and for Mr. Justin Sun himself. On that day, Sun published an open letter to the community about the new vision of TRON and the official launch of BitTorrent Chain. At the same time, it was officially announced that BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) can directly transfer mainstream assets decentralized in TRON, Ether and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) without any restrictions. BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), which will be officially released on October 30, will also be compatible with other public chains to realize the connection of all chains. The blockchain industry will officially enter a new phase and a new era that will bring more surprises!

Currently, TRON has built a complete ecosystem, not only with many popular features such as DeFi, NFT, stable coins, distributed storage, pledge mining, etc., but also builds a leading global settlement layer that sets an innovative benchmark for the industry.

Today, Sebastian Harris will interview the executives and staff of TRON to showcase the magnificent scenarios made possible by the “interconnection of all chains”, for the supporters of TRON worldwide with the help of professional narratives.

In his open letter to the community, Mr. Justin Sun has conveyed the details of the ‘New TRON Vision’ and its innovative content. Not only that, according to TRON personnel, since its official launch on June 25, 2018, TRON’s total assets on the chain have exceeded $50 billion, with total locked positions exceeding $10 billion. Compared to traditional financial transfer networks, TRON’s single-day clearing volume has reached five times that of global e-payment giant PayPal.

TRON keeps performing miracles and setting records in the industry. When asked by Sebastian Harris, “To what extent will the protocol TRON play a constructive role?” The experienced developer replied, “In the future, the first layer (Layer 1) of the TRON protocol will be positioned as a global settlement layer that provides secure, fast, and cost-effective clearing services for financial institutions, digital assets, and decentralized finance. It will focus entirely on the grand vision of a global settlement layer to help all humanity in the future and is a major industry innovation initiative.” Then he added, “After the completion of Layer 1, the TRON protocol will introduce the second layer (Layer 2) of the cross-chain solution, BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), and migrate future TRON DEFI, NFT, DAPP, and emerging blockchain capabilities to Layer 2 and cross-chain solutions.” It is undeniable that the two-tier drive model, bringing innovation beyond anyone’s expectations, will enable the entire blockchain industry to quickly transition into a new era that enables the interconnection of all chains.

In order to achieve these core goals, Justin Sun even said in an open letter that he would invest $1 billion to encourage the migration of Ethereum projects to BTTC. When this happens and coupled with the gradually maturing operating mechanism of TRON and its strong market appeal and influence, the global blockchain ecosystem may be redefined when TRON launches the expansion of the BTTC cross-chain solution.

Writing a new chapter in human history, TRON has truly realized the “closed loop ecosystem”

In addition, as one of the world’s three major public chains, TRON also officially joined hands with the world’s top stock exchanges, Deutsche Börse and Euronext Paris and Amsterdam, on September 20 and 24 respectively. 

The successful listing of VanEck TRX ETN (VTRX) means that  VTRX is expected to be available in 14 EU countries, paving the way for access to additional markets such as Switzerland, Italy and, Sweden to further broaden investor base across European markets.

As is well known, the Deutsche Börse, founded in 1992, is the largest stock exchange in the EU, and it has been at the forefront of the industry’s adoption of digital assets as an emerging asset class. After BTC and ETH, the successful listing of VTRX is definitely additional proof of TRON’s strong cryptocurrency ecosystem and its successful drive to expand its global roadmap. Of course, it is also an important step for TRON in becoming compliant.

Euronext is the pioneering pan-European exchange with global reach and local presence, providing access to 7 regulated markets. Founded in 2000, Euronext is a leading listing and trading venue in Europe and the largest global center for debt and funds listings. The successful listing of VTRX on Euronext exchanges in Paris and Amsterdam by VanEck, the first provider to offer crypto ETPs for trading in France and the Netherlands, on the heels of Bitcoin and Ethereum, is another milestone for TRON to broaden institutional participation in its ecosystem.

The inclusion of TRON also brings new blood to VanEck, as Gabor Gurbacs, Director of Digital Asset Strategy at VanEck, said, “We are excited to launch the TRX ETP amidst the growing use of TRON’s network and number of users. ETP provide high-quality market access, transparency and a strong regulatory framework to access digital assets such as TRX.”

Meanwhile, Martijn Rozemuller, CEO of VanEck Europe, also said, “While the popularity of ETH continues to grow, emerging platforms (such as TRON) also offer many advantages, such as lower transaction fees and faster processing speeds. Investors are adding diversity and reducing overall risk by including emerging platforms in their portfolios.

For the global blockchain users, the listing of TRX ETN means a new development push for the whole crypto investment system, and the global users and investors will start to feel the true value of TRON as it grows within the mainstream financial markets.

Sebastian Harris believes that this in-depth interview with TRON shows an amazing blueprint for the future development to the key investors and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry. We believe that this innovative endeavor being undertaken by TRON is not only a meaningful technological and financial experiment, but also a courageous attempt for mankind to enter a new world in finance.

Last but not least, Sebastian Harris sincerely hopes that more aspiring individuals as well as all members of the TRON community and investors in the global blockchain community will be able to build further consensus to achieve the critical goal of mass digitization of assets!