The Gallery System’s Lighting Track Grows in Demand Due To Its Dual Purpose

The Gallery System is a Sydney based art hanging specialist and confirmed in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media that the popularity of their lighting track had risen sharply in popularity due to its ability to light the art but also hang the art from it.

Picture hanging systems have become a very popular choice for individuals and businesses looking to display artwork collections and family photographs to add visual interest to a wall. They typically consist of a rail, hanging wires, and hooks that are installed on a wall, providing a flexible and customizable way to hang and rearrange pictures with the major benefit of not damaging the wall surface.

Lisa Jackson, Principal of The Gallery System Australia said this when interviewed by Eleven Media: “Our art hanging system doubles as an LED light hanging system and is growing strongly in popularity. The modern-day art lover knows that traditional lighting can damage art works from excess heat or excess ultraviolet light which may fade colours. Our LED light wands attach to the track and give great visual and lighting results.”

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Picture hanging systems have been around for long time, but recent magazine features the rise to the growing interest in them as they can support a variety of weights and sizes of artwork. One of the primary benefits is they are suitable for multiple small frames or large and heavy pieces in the home or office.

Wall-mounted systems are attached directly to the wall and typically come in a variety of materials from aluminium to the traditional timber picture rails found in many Victorian style homes. Picture hanging systems are often used in commercial settings such as art galleries and museums, however, now with the introduction of slimline systems, they have also become a popular choice in the home.

Picture hanging systems offer a flexible and versatile way to display artwork and photographs, allowing for easy rearrangement and customization without causing damage to walls or ceilings. They are particularly popular with those wanting to regularly rotate the art or photographic works.

When choosing a picture hanging system, it’s important to consider the weight and size of the artwork, as well as the type of wall or ceiling it will be installed on. Additionally, some systems may require professional installation, while others can be easily installed by the user.

About The Gallery System

The Gallery System began its journey back in 1989 and over the years they refined their original hanging system design which further evolved over time. They also developed an optional add-on lighting system comprising light wands that simply clip on and off where required, putting the light directly on the artwork. The Slimline Art Hanging System came later when unobtrusive hanging systems were being asked for. This system has been very popular both home and business installations, and now accounts for around half of all sales.

The distribution business is Sydney based (Gladesville), with the factory in Queensland, however, distribute all over Australia. Australian owned and made, The Gallery System was the original picture hanging system and considered by a significant number of art gallery owners as still the best.

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The Gallery System

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