The future of coding doesn’t include any code at all

One of the latest trends possibly flying under your radar is no-code. But don’t be mistaken, while it isn’t as prominently talked about as AI for example, the no-code industry is bound to be worth USD 22 billion by 2022 and will possibly account for more than 65 % of app development by as soon as 2024.

Why no-code?

Simply put, the no-code and low-code industries are making it possible for anyone to build apps without having to learn how to write code. In the past, when your business had an idea for an app, only developers with coding skills or a budget for hiring a developer could make that app happen. Now, entrepreneurs and small businesses can create their own apps in just minutes using ready-to-use software.

Why now?

There are many reasons why no-code is a good fit, but there are two I believe stand out.

First, no-code offers businesses and individuals the ability to build or augment their idea without spending a ton of time learning how to code. You can focus on your actual business idea rather than getting bogged down with the technical side of things. As a result, you get an app that’s more likely to deliver real-world value that entices users to open and use it day in and out.

Second, It’s quick. By removing the code and design barriers, no-code development enables you to build your business app in hours rather than days or weeks. No-code is all about getting your business app to market quicker, with flexibility built right in. Your customers can start using it in hours, instead of days or weeks. This way you are able to iterate or pivot at a stage where you haven’t raked up developer costs that might break your bank.

What does the future hold for no-code?

While no-code development tools will never completely replace coding and traditional app development, the way these tools lower the barriers to entry has significant purpose, primarily by making the process easier and more accessible to non-technical folk.

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed,” as the saying goes. The vision for no-code therefore is the enablement of citizen developers across companies and countries of all sizes.

No-code software development is here to stay and will continue to rise. No-code companies are becoming more popular every day. They are disrupting industries. No-code makes it possible for companies to get set up faster and with less hassle.

How to get started?

Join our growing community of no-code developers and designers who are using no-code to build their apps in Switzerland and beyond. Get to know no-code agency owners, freelancers and beginners alike. We invite you to read through our guides, provide feedback and open the door for new collaboration opportunities.

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