The Fit Artist, Crystal Lindsey plans to donate custom paintings to deserving non-profit organizations in 2023

Dallas, TX, USA —The Fit Artist, Crystal Lindsey plans to donate 200 custom paintings to deserving non-profit organizations every quarter in 2023.

The Fit Artist, Crystal Lindsey, has made a big impact at McAlister Institute, the premier detox shelter in San Diego, by delivering over 200 custom paintings for the holiday party with Charles Vest. With the help of three other volunteers, each resident and staff member attending the party received a one-of-a-kind 4″ X 4″ painting as a special gift.

Crystal Lindsey, an accomplished abstract artist, and commissioned corporate artist has overcome numerous challenges in her life including abandonment and abuse. She uses her artistic skills to help others heal and overcome similar challenges. Through her art, she spreads a message of hope and resilience.

The donation of 200 paintings to the McAlister Institute is just the beginning of Crystal’s commitment to giving back to the community. She plans to donate 200 custom paintings every quarter in 2023 to deserving non-profit organizations in San Diego and Dallas.

“I know where I come from and want to share my inner beauty and gratitude with the world,” said Crystal Lindsey. “Colorful abstract art can bring light and hope to people in their darkest hour, and I hope to use my art to bring happiness and hope to those who need it the most.”

To nominate a deserving non-profit organization for the next quarter’s donation, interested parties can reach out to Crystal Lindsey at [email protected].

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About The Fit Artist:

The Fit Artist, Crystal Lindsey, combines her artistic skills and passion for fitness to create unique and impactful art. She lives a fit and weird life, and her art celebrates uniqueness and weirdness. Crystal Lindsey is an accomplished fluid artist and commissioned corporate artist, who has won 2nd place in the professional acrylic painting category at the Vitoria Art League 2021. The Fit Artist donates custom paintings to non-profit organizations, focusing on helping those in need during a transition in their life.

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