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The first investment round in the new ICO system has already started!

The first investment round of the project has started! For the most active investors, there is a bonus in the form of additional tokens in the next investment round. An affiliate program has also been introduced. It allows you to get a 10 percent commission each time a participant successfully recommends purchasing FOUND coins to other people. There are 14,285,714 FOUND coins available for this round, valued at $0.05, which can be purchased exclusively on the official website.

Knowledge and wisdom are traditional values ​​that have been known for thousands of years. Both are the basis of the project – an international platform, constituting an innovative combination of a search engine, social network, and sales website. brings the internet back to its original purpose: sharing knowledge and information in a way that rewards users by giving them both valuable content and a profit share. allows you to ask paid questions; include a paywall in your post replies, messages, and analysis; publishing of paid e-books, online courses, webinars, and reports; organizing events, pieces of training and conferences; conducting collections and financing through the patronage system; access to closed groups and communities.

– will allow for a discussion, which will catalog the knowledge, organize it and make it possible to reach everyone interested in a given topic. The portal will be focused on sharing knowledge, not building its position as on other platforms. We will start with cryptocurrencies, but we also want to move on to other topics quickly – expand the topic of investment with real estate, stocks, bonds, but also the topic of macro and microeconomics, business, political issues, and naturally the topic of law and medicine will develop from this. It is up to the community to decide what topics will be next. We will be based on the reputation system, which means that you will not be able to sell anything until you have acquired a certain reputation; only then you have the right to list your product. We will have different measures to show the reputation of a given user – says Piotr Michalak, CEO and founder of

To become a investor, you must go through the KYC process on the website and take part in the investment round. FOUND coins tokens are designed to increase in value. FOUND Coin holders will earn on each transaction carried out on the platform, becoming co-owners of the portal.

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